Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet sweet organization!


There is a deal running with the Ferries right now so passage with a car, off the island, is SUPER DUPER cheaper-than-normal.... HOORAY!

So acting on the aforementioned itch to get away, I grabbed the lovely Jessica and hit the road, then the ocean, then the road again....... HUZZAH!

It only took us a few hours, some wrong turns, and one desperate phone call for directions to make it to MY HAPPY PLACE! REJOICE!

I came home with:
-A thingy to organize my plates

-A thingy to hang my mugs from
-some cute little stuffies

-some new plates!
-And some AWESOME green tupperware!
(all photos courtesy of the IKEA website)

I never thought I could get so excited to get new tupperware! I've just been having issues with my kitchen organization. Too many plates and bowls have been lost due to poor usage of space...

The boy just chuckled and offered to bring his drill over tomorrow <3>*sigh* <3

Where is your happy place? What brings you joy?


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