Thursday, December 1, 2016

JuniperGraceTube 23 : I'm Back Stitches! (week 16)

My darling Junipers.... yes.... it's me.   I'M NOT DEAD!  In fact, I have been very busy doing a very big and important thing!

Isn't she lovely?
Well, I really don't know where all of the months have gone since we last chatted but OH WELL here we are now! Let's enjoy the time we have!

After some SERIOUS technical issues (EVERYTHING has changed since I last podcasted!) We are up and running!  One day late... but we are shooting for goodness not perfection.



Yarns shown:

Caterpillar Green yarns : MCN Shawl self-striping yarn in 'Shorn This Way'
Yarn Ink : fingering in 'Bumble' and mini in Birch
Rhichard Devrieze mini skein
Mystery Alpaca
Sweatermaker Yarns : One of a kind colourways
A Wee Bit Knitty : Experiment #13

Patterns mentioned:

Amberle by the amazing Shannon Cook

My first Toe Up Socks by the wonderful Susan B. Anderson

Inspiration of Casey Neistat 

Friday, April 3, 2015

JuniperGraceTube 22 : Busy Becoming Awesome!

Welcome back my DARLING JUNIPERS!  

Nope, I was not attempting to April Fool's you all.....   one word: TECHNOLOGY... actually add to that FAIL.  I think you are picking up what I'm putting down :)

A lot has been happening around these here parts and I'm super excited to share all of the fun with you!   Although my fridge has decided to up it's noise-game, I'm sure we will have a whole pile of fun!
Remember to stop by and join in the fun of the JuniperGraceTube group on Ravelry... Follow me on Instagram : JuniperGrace or Twitter: Geeraceface.... However you choose to do it, GET CONNECTED!

So grab your delicious beverage of choice and any craft you are working on.... HERE WE GO:

# TheShowNotes

Story Time With Juniper Grace:
'Anne of Green Gables' - L.M. Montgomery   Chapter 9 "Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified"

What I'm wearing:   The STRIPE STUDY SHAWL by Veera Valamaki  knit out of Lion Brand Sock ease yarn.

List Making with Juniper Grace:

APRIL is National Letter Writing Month!!  OHMYGOODNESS!!!! (all the happy feelings)
That means that we need to make an effort to spread the M-A-I-L love around!  I've created a special chat thread in our JuniperGraceTube Ravelry group for anyone interested in sending some mail :)
I am a proud member of the Letter Writers Alliance YOU SHOULD JOIN US! #JuniperLetters

#J1KAL is in full swing!  In fact it's getting close to being done... already... sigh. (April 15)  The First Annual Juniper Knit Along consists of anyone who wants to join along and knit something from MY QUEUE on Ravelry!    Post a picture in the thread on Ravelry AND share what you're up to on Twitter and Instagram using our really awesome hashtag!
So far I have achieve SOCKCESS with a completed pair of purple A WEE BIT KNITTY MYSTERY KAL SOCKS by the lovely Lena Gjerald aka Frkbadegakk. 

I also have a shout out to the amazing SUSAN aka Rista1313 and her Project bags that she makes!  GIRL CAVE BAGS are just so awesome!   I recently acquired a sweater sized project bag and am SO THRILLED!

 Adventures in Juniper Grace Land :

I have recently been doing a lot of awesome artsy fartsy things including becoming an Associate of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria!  It comes with a name tag and an awesome opportunity to give back to this community that I love :)

MARLIES came to visit me... bearing wonderful gifts...  wow it was so great to see you THANK YOU for making time for me! 

I also had the chance to stop by SaltSpring Island and visit my favourite yarn shop there ELDERBERRY YARNS.  I picked up a skein of sparkly ANCIENT ARTS YARN in the She Sells Sea Shells colourway.   I have plans to knit matching MUK CUFFS by Jana Huck for my bestie and I.

I've also fallen completely in love with Water colour painting.  CREATIVEBUG has an excellent Intro to Water Colour Painting class right now taught by Yao Cheng.  


Currently on my needles I have :
- CANOPY by the amazing Melody of Mandarine's knit in Mountain Top by Classic Elite Yarns Crestone.

- SANDHILLS LACE SHAWL by Melissa Stajda aka Heyladyhey.

- HEXI PUFFS for my 'The Bee Keeper's Quilt' by Tiny Owl Knits

- Awesome Neon socks from RAIN CITY KNITS yarn using my all-time favorite sock pattern 'How I Make My Socks' by Susan B. Anderson.

- CAMILLA SHAWL by Carrie Bostick Hoge knit from the amazing gift of Sweet Georgia Worsted in the Orchid colourway from my Hubby.

Needle Adjacent: 
- SHOE CANDY by Leah Oakly.

 (image courtesy of lupineblossoms)

- LONDON FOG by Bristol Ivy.

I guess that's it for now :)  
I send you my love and hugs and happy sheepy thoughts across the miles!

xoxo Juniper Grace

Monday, February 2, 2015

JuniperGraceTube 21 : Happy Podiversary!

My darling Junipers!  HELLOOOOooooOOOoooo

Oh how I have missed you!  I'm so happy to be back that I even brought you a bouquet of Juniper.

(Image courtesy of Local Flavor Magazine)

I know that it has been quite some time since we have had a good chance to visit so I have SO MUCH TO SHARE!  
Grab yourself a delicious beverage and whatever crafty-fun thing you are working on and let's dive right in shall we?


List Making with Juniper Grace:
 1) The beautiful Louise of Caithness Craft Collective creates these incredible Tartan project bags!!  Check her out!  She actually has some LOVELY bags for sale in her ETSY SHOP right now.

2) Thank you Marlies for your sweet gifts to me from across the world!  She sent me a skein of Cheeky Merino Joy in the King Ludwig Blue colour way from Rosy Green Wool.

In honor of the anniversary of our first year together with JuniperGraceTube we will be having our FIRST ANNUAL JUNIPER KNIT ALONG!  HOORAY! HUZZAH!

When: Feb 14 - Apr 14 2015
What:  #J1KAL use this hashtag to join in the fun!
Who: any member of Junipergracetube on Ravelry
How: Knit anything you like from MY QUEUE on ravelry!  Share the fun and enter to win some lovely prizes like this beautiful skein of wool from Daybreak Dyeworks check her out on ETSY too!

* If you want to contribute to the prizes feel free to let me know *

Story Time with Juniper Grace:

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery Chapter 8 : 'Anne's Bringing up is Begun'


EVERYDAY ROCKSTAR toque pattern by the lovely PIA aka Noget Uldent 

SANDHILLS LACE SHAWL by Hey-Lady-Hey... soooo lovely! 

 SHOE CANDY socks by Leah Oakly.   I am going to attempt to knit this from my RAIN CITY KNITS Graffiti yarn :)

 (I borrowed this picture from the lovely LupineBlossoms )

I also strongly suggest you check out RAWR.POUNCE.KNITS! The lovely Maeve is on the verge of putting out some beautiful new mitten and toque patterns!  I encourage you to get in on the ground level.  


 Just look at this simple and gorgeous BECCA TOQUE by Hannah Shin.

This is one shawl that I'm dying to knit!  CANOPY by the lovely Melody of Mandarine's

 (I'm practically vibrating with excitement over the release of this... hurry hurry!)

 In the mean-time I will content myself with working on this lovely WATER'S EDGE by Cabinfour

I'm knitting this shawl with my AMAZING self striping shawl yarn from CATERPILLAR GREEN YARNS which is a local-as-you-get yarn company I'm completely obsessed with!  MCN to drool over....

Finally: I am almost done these gorgeous Canadiana socks from FISHKNITS yarn and my all time go-to sock pattern by the talented SUSAN B. ANDERSON

I think we did it!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Stop by and say hello on the Ravelry Group ANNNNND KEEP KNITTING!

I love you my little Junipers!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 20 : #Junipers30things

Welcome back my lovely Junipers!  

I'm so glad I could cram in another episode to share my upcoming birthday fun!  .... Also all of the insane amount of M-A-I-L love that I have received lately!   I guess at least I'm honest about my lack of self control when it comes to all things yarny.

I hope you had a marvelous weekend... Did any of you get snow!?  I didn't, but I did get to take my Brownie Troupe bowling so there was a lot of merriment and pizza!

Ok friends, time to grab your crafting and something delicious to drink and let's just DIVE RIGHT IN TO EPISODE 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (that was 20 exclamation marks)


1) As per the established awesomeness of my contribution to the #AnneAlong We read from L.M. Montgomery's 'Anne of Green Gables' chapter 7 "Anne says her Prayers'.

2) Don't forget to join in on the fun with LittleSkein in the Big Wool with her #AnneAlong.   Watching me and Instagramming about it TOTALLY COUNTS!
- You can find the AMAZING Anne kit at the Etsy shop  Little Skein in the Big Wool.  Go get one while the gettin's good!

3) Also don't forget that there are TONS of fun and friendly ways to get involved with the podcast!  Head on over to the JuniperGraceTube Ravelry Group page and become a member THEN you can enter to win a fun KNIT-PURL fake tattoo from Caterpillar Green Yarns and 'All you Knit is Love' button from Sweet Georgia simply by sharing one of your favorite knit items.
- OH and if YOU want to send me a POSTCARD feel free to shoot me a personal message on Ravelry and I will give you my mailing address :)

4) I also received a BEAUTIFUL package in the mail from my Fill a Project Bag Swap partner the lovely LENA from A WEE BIT KNITTY podcast.


Currently queued up to GET ON MY NEEDLES is the Mystery Shawl Knit Along that HEIDI from VEGAN YARNS is hosting!  It's art deco inspired knit all in garter stitch!  YES PLEASE.  

I'm also working on finishing FRK BADEGAKK's mystery sock knit along that she hosted in October!  It's a beautiful FREE very heavily Norwegian inspired pattern and I love it!


As my Thirtieth birthday quickly approaches I have decided to tackle a project to DO 30 THINGS to take stock of where I have been, what I have done, and what's next for me.  I have created the fun hashtag above for you to be able to follow the adventure on Instagram :)  Let's see what happens!

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for stopping by and being such AMAZING JUNIPERS!  This podcast really wouldn't be possible without the wonderful people like you!   SO MUAH!

Stay tuned we have some fun things coming up to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Thanks for stopping by!

..... I miss you already!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 19 :Knit City annnnd MASSIVE procrastination problems.



Seriously Junipers WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!??! BLARGGGghghghgh   That's the sound my internal motivation is making.   I feel like I want to just write an entire blog post about Intrinsic verses Extrinsic motivation and how I seem to be failing at BOTH.

Ever since I got the wisdom teeth removed and I had a wicked excuse to lay around all day eating pudding and watching movies I've had a hard time coming back to reality.  


Let's just get to Episode 19 already!!!  Right? RIGHT!
Grab yourself a delicious beverage and something crafty to work on and let's launch in!  This week we are going to read TWO CHAPTERS of our Anne girl!   


1) FIRST OFF  I want to encourage you all to come and join in on the fun in the JuniperGraceTube Ravelry Group
This is where you will find all the fun stuff that's happening in JuniperGrace Land!   

2)  This week I read TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS of 'Anne of Green Gables'  #AnneAlong 
     We read Chapter 5: Anne's History and Chapter 6: Marilla Makes Up Her Mind.
*Spoiler Alert* She gets to stay at Green Gables!   And there was much rejoicing!  


3) Don't forget to join in all the fun with the #AnneAlong with the lovely Annielight on Ravelry.

4) I was wearing the STRIPE STUDY SHAWL by Veera Valimaki   Knit in Lion Brand Sock Ease.
5) M-A-I-L LOVE!
    - Hey Lady Hey handspun yarn in 'It's So Fluffy' and 'Grey Day'
    - Lollipop Yarns in YARN BOMB


6)  Make sure to follow my amazing mumsy on Instagram and Ravelry @MoiraPaints she needs some encouragement to post more often!

7) So we picked up and went on an Adventure Oct. 4+5 to Vancouver for KNIT CITY!!! 
   It was fantastic!  I had the chance to help Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook at their booth for all of Saturday and a small part of Sunday.   
   - They have just launched their newest mini-collection called SEASONLESS!  It's absolutely beautiful!  I'm very eager to knit the Laylow Shawl.

8) THERE IS A FUN GIVE AWAY ON THE RAVELRY GROUP!  Come show me one of your favourite knit garments in the prize thread and enter to win one of two sets of tattoos and pins that were generously donated by Caterpillar Green Yarns and Sweet Georgia.

9) I want to give a huge THANK YOU shout out to Casey from PORTFIBER in Portland Maine!!!  There are not enough exclamation points in the world!    She is a pretty amazing person with a passion for fiber arts that shows through the things she makes and sells! 

Back to Knit City....
Here's a big list of Vendors that I got to see and buy things from:
VEGAN YARNS - Beautiful Vegan Cashmere to spin I LOVE HEIDI!
RAIN CITY KNITS- Gorgeous colourful skeins to give away AND keep.
TIPSY SHEEP- Sock yarn in the White Russian colourway ;)
SPINCYCLE YARNS- Amazing dyed in the wool yarn and fiber to spin.
FARMABLE FIBERS - Raw Hemp from Romania
SWEET GEORGIA - A lovely skein of Tough Love Sock Wool to send to Norway
ANCIENT ARTS FIBER - Knit City 2014 colourway to spin this time :)
KATIKLOO - Knit City 2013's colourway that I didn't grab last year
THE RED FOX AND GOWN - The 'They Don't Love You Like I Do' Shawl pattern for my Rain City yarn
TWIG PRINTS - incredible Lavender sachets.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 18 : My Trip to Maine and Martha's Vineyard

Welcome back my darling Junipers!!  
I'm so glad that you have come to visit again.

Time to grab a delicious beverage and your knitting and let's dive in!

Show Notes:

I've been running a bit behind this week so show notes will be filled in shortly.

IMPORTANT COUPON:  The amazing Casey from Port Fiber  in Portland Maine is offering a 15% discount on fiber from her Etsy shop using the coupon code JUNIPERS from now until Oct. 22, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 17 : Oh So Much Stash Enhancement!

Happy Monday my darling Junipers!

So glad to see you again!  Are you dying to find out what is going to happen to our Anne girl??  
Well grab yourself a delicious beverage and some knitting or other crafty thing to work on and let's DIVE IN:

The Show Notes:
 Chapter 3: Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised



2) Congrats to the winners of the Bumble Bee Challenge!  Thank you so much for participating in the fun Lauramag, Tinkerplinkmama, and truffles06 !

 - Sign up deadline is Sept 13   
 - Come and join in we would love to have you :)
Thank you Meredith aka MEREOSHOP for all of your help and encouragement with this!

 (currently obsessed with this project bag from ModularModular on Etsy)

 -For details and to sign up click the link above and join us in the JuniperGraceTube Ravelry group :)

(image borrowed from HERE )

5) Oh and don't forget that if you ever want to add to the super fun postcard wall send me a message and I will give you my address :)

6) CALLING ALL QUESTIONS!   Do you have anything you are dying to ask me??  Add your questions to the thread and I will attempt to answer them in a future episode.

7) On August 17 I got to go to FIBRATIONS the most lovely Victoria Fibre Festival.  I had a chance to work at Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook's booth and it was AMAZING FUN!

      I picked up three skeins of this beautiful stuff!  1 Of the Shawl self-striping yarn in Concrete and Tulips, 1 shawl sized skein that stripes for socks in a one of a kind colourway, and 1 BFL sock in the skyline colourway.    
  ( Concrete and Tulips.... seriously)
 - SMITH AND EWE  from Kamloops I dove in and grabbed a variegated skein of beauty.

 - RAIN CITY KNITS  oh my goodness!  soooooooo pretty!   I picked up two sock skeins one in Graffiti colourway and the other in a beautiful neon peach! 

 ( I stole this picture from their Facebook page)

 - VEGAN YARN by the lovely lovely Heidi
    I picked up two skeins of her amazing Spica Fingering in the Safflower Pink and Iron and Myrobalan colourways. 

 (This is the entire haul from Fibrations)

9) Then I went to the Saanich Fair and found Country Wools and met the amazing Lorea Tomsin.  I couldn't resist her squishy, sheepy, plump yarn.


10)  Hooray!  I finished my EMERY designed by the beautiful Shannon Cook and knit with Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.

11) Lollipop Yarn!  Hooray! I have the Flash Mob colourway.   I'm knitting some socks!   First time trying the afterthought heel... let's see how this goes. 

12) I scored some gorgeous FishKnits Canadiana sock yarn.   I sure do know what my next pair of socks will be!   

13)  Candy Cane Linden Mittens for days.  Using the Felici self striping yarn from Knit picks.
      SPEAKING of Jane Richmond ...  I'm also knitting my 50th RAE out of Madeline Tosh Light in the Whisker colourway.

14) OH MY GOODNESS!  Quince and Company has new colours!!

15) Things that I want to knit sooooooo bad:

Welp, that about does it for me this week!    

Thank you so much for stopping by!