Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello my little Junipers... Very merry salutations to you all!
The vocal but few have spoken... It's time to share my list of 26 things to do before I turn 27.

This woman Andrea, aka Hula Seventy, was the original inspiration for the list of things to do each year. She is incredibly creative, loves red velvet cake, and also has a thing!

THEN Elsiecake made HER LIST and I had no choice but to make my own!

It started last year MY FIRST LIST.

The idea is that you HAVE FUN! Some simple challenges, some things that have been on the list for a while, some completely random experiences to be had; all in the name of becoming more awesome than you already are! You write each list right after your birthday and if you don't finish the list you are more than welcome to carry certain items forward (TYRA).

So now it is time for

  1. Bring back the blog. (success soon?)
  2. Send out all my Christmas cards. (DONE)
  3. Reorganize my room. (DONE)

  4. 3 Photo booth trips. (1/3)

  5. Earn a BOGUK badge.
  6. Have a delightful tea party. (DONE during the Royal wedding)

  7. Sew the patches on my camp blanket. (DONE for now)

  8. Play my ukulele at a coffee shop again. (DONE thanks Sbux!)

  9. Finish my lovely afghan.
  10. Bake a pie! (anyone have any tips or recipes?)

  11. Go to the Museum. (DONE)

  12. Try 3 new coffee shops. (DONE 1.Habit 2.Dolce Vita 3.Cafe Fantastico)
  13. See a live Giraffe
  14. Make a thrift shop map of Victoria and area.
  15. Fix my KOBO (DONE) / Get rid of my KOBO (DONE)
  16. Read Pride and Prejudice.
  17. Create a personal Library list. (DONE)
  18. Embroider art for my wall (DONE)
  19. Get a Yetti. (DONE his name is Filbert)

  20. Read 'A Christmas Carol'(DONE)
  21. Star Wars movie marathon!!!! (DONE RIP Blockbuster)
  22. Do something with my many pictures.

  23. Get a tattoo.

  24. Organize/ clean up my computer. (in progress)
  25. Learn latte art.

  26. Read every day for a year! (J F MR A MA JN JL AU S O N D )

So I hope you enjoyed the little peak into one of the many lists I make for myself!
What's on your list?
I would love to see.


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  1. MY LIST!! Ack... I suppose you could come read the things plastered all over my bedroom walls?? :)

    Things I want to do... Find a new job... Master Routines... Start my own bid-niz... Keep running! Keep dancing! Keep Martial-Artsing! Blog more... Youtube more... Keep running! Ukulele more... SO MUCH... MORE! :)