Saturday, July 30, 2011


Hello my lovely Junipers!!

I had to open at my Starbucks this morning so I didn't have time for a late night post as usual. Yup, I was at Starbucks by 4:45 this morning and I don't believe there is any amount of coffee that can make up for having to function at such an ungodly hour.

Anyways I'm just on my break eating some breakfast and I thought I would give phone blogging a chance!

Verdict so far is that typing on my phone is a lot slower but I'm excited that I can literally blog anywhere now!

For those of you that follow my instagram you have probably seen some of the progress on my etsy shop. It's time for me to stop thinking and dreaming about it and just make it happen! I have some great ideas now I just need to bring them to life! Time to seize part of my dream!

I promise I will keep you posted the entire way!
Ttfn my little junipers.

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