Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Jar love....

Little Junipers.... 
Have I told you lately how much you ROCK?!
Have I told you lately how much I like rocks?

Before we get to the amazing winners let us enjoy some delightful jar love that I found from around the interwebs tonight.


There is a Wikipedia page about Mason Jars. Sometimes when I miss school I spend a few hours following links from one wikipedia page to another...  

DID YOU KNOW: that Mason jars are made out of Soda-Lime glass? 
  1. That's a pretty neat name for a type of glass.
  2. Apparently that's the type of glass most commonly used in things like windows.
  3. It sounds like a fruity girly drink I would probably enjoy.

Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst is a creative GENIUS!
You too can own these jars!  (can we say birthday present for Juniper Grace?!)

This would be a cool series to dive into... possibly make a weekly documentation project out of it?

I could see this hanging in my kitchen for sure!

This just screams rainy Saturday afternoon project!

I definitely have to add a blue mason jar to the collection.... perhaps named Clarence?

Ok now on to the GOOD  STUFF


I have thought long and hard about your suggestions (there were so many amazing ones!)  and I really loved them SO MUCH that I decided to use THREE of the name suggestions since my mum recently added two more jars to the collection.


Now here's the sticky spot... The person who originally suggested the name didn't leave a way/name/link for me to find them. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE WHEN YOU DON'T LEAVE YOUR NAME ANYWHERE..... 

So I have decided to award the prize to BEKA of GINGER URCHIN.  She was the first person to agree with the name (even though she doesn't tend to name things)


I couldn't overlook these two names!  They are just perfect so JESSE I have named my little mason jar JAMES...  and CAROLINA I have named the little Atlas jar Whimsy.  Congratulations you deserve something special for being so awesome!

SOOOOooOOOooooo   Please send me an email to  junipergrace1 {at} gmail {dot} com  with your mailing info and I will send a special surprise your way!

There will definitely be more fun to come this week.

I have some exciting news and other fun to share... 
(are you excited yet?)



  1. I didn't know there were jars named after me already!! :cD

  2. YAY!! James Jar!!! All the James Jars in the world will rise up in victory and celebrate this glorious day by filling themselves up with delicious concoctions!

  3. Firstly, thank you! I am quite elated :D And secondly, Mason is an excellent name for your biggest jar, as it reminds me of Perry Mason, of big lawyer fame. Huzzah! for named inanimate objects everywhere! I am truly touched and will email you very soon :)

  4. Yay! I won! I really tried to come up with some good names. I'm so happy you liked them! :D

    You've already got my address. :P You can always send my prize through the next letter. :)Can't wait!