Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crafty Times - What's on my to-do craft list

Hey Junipers!
Today i wanted to share with you a few crafty things I have on the go as well as some things I hope to make this fall.


I just found this awesome Etsy designer via luvinthemommyhood  I LOVED this cowl at first sight!  It reminds me of Lola the Octopus' tentacles from the Ocean Discovery center.  I'm looking for the perfect octopus shade of yarn and then I will make this cowl and call it Lola. 

Oh Jane...  I'm completely in love with all of the patterns this woman creates!!  Not only do they look amazing but they really are FUN to knit!  I'm making my Georgia Cardigan a delicious green colour.... <3

A lot of my friends are having babies right now... So the natural thing for me to do with my uuber craftiness is make them baby booties!  Chelsea requested loafers... so Loafers she shall get!  (click on her name to visit her Etsy shop!)   The designers of the pattern have given me permission to sell the loafers in my Etsy shop... I think I should do that hey?

Now here are a few projects that I can't wait to get going on!

It's fall.. (well almost)...  I love jars... I love leaves...  This is a must-do!

These are just hilarious!  Some day when I have children these are a must-have!

(source)                                                       (source)
I love these adorable little pumpkins!  I want to make them and put them all over my little house... hope my room mate doesn't mind.

I want this!  I am poor! I need to figure out how to make my own version of this!

Finally, Embroidery...  I haven't embroidered much lately...  It's time to get back in the habit.  This woman Andrea makes the most incredible art!  I love here take on life!  She also offers a free embroidery pattern each month.  Maybe I will have to set a goal of one project a month?  That's do-able right?

Well folks... That's my crafty fun for today.  
What is on your to-do list? 



  1. Thanks for the link luv my dear :) Lots of lovely crafty goodies here! I happily had my 2nd pumpkin spice this week :) Yummmm.....

  2. Again, what lucky friends you have to have you as a friend..those loafers kill me!
    You should totally be a personal shopper for people. They would have much cuter things and be more nicely dressed...besides, they'd have a groovy fun friend to boot!