Sunday, September 11, 2011

Merry Monday to you all!

Dear Junipers,
What a wonderful weekend it has been!

1) never underestimate the power of a FANTASTIC knitting group!
2) Just got commissioned to make some fingerless mitts! THRILLED!
3) Hunting for typewriters can be so much fun!  Dear Westley, you inspire me so often! Thanks for being willing to mail me a typewriter.  This video is for you!

I could listen to this all day long.

FINALLY:  Dear Joel Cave (aka my love) I'm so glad that you were born!  I hope you had the best birthday and I can't wait to 'show up' to many more!



  1. I am totally drooling in love with that music! Thank you for sharing!
    Have fun with your typewriter...they are the best!

    PS I thought I posted this yesterday, but it obviously didn't make it. Sorry! :o)

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!