Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 Good morning world!   What a wonderful weekend I had!  One thing my mum and I have determined is that we are wonderful travel buddies.  Maybe it's from years of experience but it's so easy to go places with her... AND it has been so much fun introducing my mumsy to the crazy/wonderful world of knitting.

So let's start with my haul from Knit City.  I'm really proud of myself for not going crazy!  Especially knowing that I am going to Maine and plan on spending a 'bit' at Quince and Company.
Let's break down what we've got going on here:

1: Interchangeable needles case and Double Pointed Needles holder By Pokdej.
2: The actual hard copy of "Journey" by Jane and Shannon!
3: Beautiful Sock yarn in Tropical Storm by Em from Everything Old. (genius yarn from the Island)
4: Organic Fair trade cotton by Vegan Yarn enough to make the Deneb shawl.
5: Of course a Knit City project bag.
6: The most adorable lavender filled Matroyshka doll by Roxypop.
7: Many Sweet Georgia pins (more not pictured) to take to the Maine retreat and share the love.
8: Pineapple pins from Onana Knits..  'I Pineapple Coffee'
9: A dark and mysterious yarn ball pin from the Knitrix.
10: adorable knit stitch pins from Holli Yeoh.

I think I got everything.  Follow the links and you will find some absolutely fantastic West Coast creative people!

 Mum and I had to rush to catch the Ferry, then a bus, then the sky train, and finally one more bus to make it PERFECTLY ON TIME to see Stephanie Purl McPhee aka The Yarn Harlot speak!
I was kind of glad for the cash bar after all that! Hahaha!

We managed to score fantastic seats! About three rows back and with almost all of the ladies from my knit night.   To say that she was inspiring would be merely touching the tip of the iceberg.   Not only did I laugh so hard that my stomach hurt but I left feeling incredibly encouraged and almost more excited to keep knitting...  if that's even possible!

After a wonderful rest in our hotel, we FINALLY made it to the market place!  It's so exciting to enter a room full of people selling yarn! Like I said before Sheepy Smelling Heaven.  I ran into Jane and as you can see we have excellent taste in yarn and knitting projects!

 Mum and I also had the chance to collect some beautiful leaves and enjoy them carpeting the ground.  Fall is and always will be my favorite season!

So now it's time to go, but I will be dreaming of what to knit with this BEAUTIFUL skein of yarn.  At the same time I'm carefully planning out what I want to shop for when I'm in Maine.  I'm also trying to cram in some last minute knitting to make sure I will actually be warm when I get out there!  Any suggestions for what I will want to wear would be greatly appreciated!  

OH RIGHT.. and because the blog has officially pushed past the 10000 all time views I need to think of a way to celebrate!  More on that soon......  TTFN


  1. omg grace! i am in LOVE with this post!! the photo of you and your mum, beautiful the both of you, the first photo and everything you brought home, LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! you and jane (MUST GET THAT BOOK). so glad you and your dear mom had a wonderful time. it all sounds like heaven to me. i'm off to follow all your links now.

    p.s. i wanted to thank you for introducing such beautiful music in some of your posts, i love coming to visit with you! have a wonderful day!

  2. Yay! It's us in our matching Raes!... And I totally echo Lori Ann, anytime you post music I fall in love, truly, you post the most beautiful snippets, they always take me away. Here's to having the same taste in knitwear and tunes!