Monday, December 2, 2013

JuniperGraceTube #1 .... this just happened.

HELLO! And welcome back to all of my happy Junipergracians???  I'm so glad to see you again!  I know it's been a while but seriously some fun stuff has been happening around here!


yes. that happened. yes. it was incredible.


I blame the ladies in Maine for encouraging me to do this.
Keep in mind this is definitely the first episode! It is long... but fun!   Grab a cup of coffee and your knitting and let's dive in!

WOW GUYS: these are my first ever show notes! 

#1) Paula... aka the Prairie Piper!  GO LISTEN TO HER PODCAST NOW : Knitting Pipeline
       Her patterns I mentioned are Gill's Rock and Lullabye Rain Shawl
#2) Pat Frag aka mamma Pat!  Patfrag on Ravelry
#3) Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook ARE AWESOME!  Check out their books!
#4) Melissa aka Mskiknits aka the single handed knitter  She has a podcast!
#5) MARY! My new best friend with the soldier beans!  Check out her podcast! 
#7) Knit Wit yarn shop in Portland Maine  Visit their facebook page
#8) Barb my birthday buddy is nmlnut on Ravelry

I think I still need to add more to the show notes but I just wanted to get this up and running... I will finish the notes later :)



  1. Grace, I loved listening to your podcast. For me the hour flew by. Thanks for sharing your amazing goodies. Can't wait for the next episode. I am also a big HP fan, need to find that book you were talking about.

  2. Wonderful show, Gracey! You kept me company as I started my day which made sure it was with a smile on my face!

  3. Loved it!! I'm off to follow you on YouTube!

  4. Your trip to Maine sounds like mine and my best friend Jenni's dream trip. Saco River Dyehouse! Quince and Co! Amazing knitting ladies! Sounds incredible. Loved the show, knitting boot toppers as gifts while watching.

  5. PS: I kept my first postcard from quince and co because I was so impressed that they said thanks, and then spelt my name right! and it was so thoughtful!

  6. Grace!! Did you like spending tea time in my relaxing room with me today as much as I did!??!?! Because that's exactly what it felt like to me! Great podcast and it was so great reliving the retreat - thanks for that! Keep up the great work, you're a natural podcaster.

  7. hi grace!! congratulations on your first podcast, how fun is that?! this is the first i've ever seen (or heard) i guess i had no idea what i was missing! you are adorable, was that really an hour? time just flew by (i knit on a sweet little baby sweater for a welcome to the world, christmas gift while listening) and really i was sad to see you end it. you are so incredibly sweet and charming, and sounded just like i thought you would. i'm so glad for you that you had such a good time in maine, someday i really hope to go to a retreat like that too!! enjoy all your awesome treasures (yes i do that with wool too ;)

  8. Hi Grace....Ok, so I follow Paula on Instagram and you know how you start stalking other people from that? (People do stalk on IG, right??..sigh).....anyhow, I somehow started looking at your profile and found your blog from did a GREAT job podcasting girlie!!! Great job! I wish you much success in all you encounter and am looking forward to more episodes :)

  9. Hi Grace! Listening to this was like being back in Maine with youYour joy & excitement is infectious. Please keep sharing & talking & entertaining us!

  10. This was such a fun podcast Grace. Even if you never do another podcast, thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world (but I do hope you'll do more!). I found you from Susan B. Anderson's blog, and since I hadn't heard of Paula before, I'm off to check out hers next. :)

  11. Grace! Thank you for doing this! It brought back all the great Maine memories! Keep talking girl!

  12. Grace,
    What a wonderful podcast, I lovvvvedd it! I sent the link to Barbara Brewer so she can see you mentioned her yarn!!
    Great job!

  13. Hi Grace, Just listened to your first podcast. It brought back so many memories! I'm Kathy (Katenh50) and I got your beautiful Plucky Knitter Yarn in the brown bag swap!!! So Love It!!! Keep up the podcasts. Love them!!

  14. I found your podcast because you were mention by Mel on her recent podcast when she interviewed Shannon and Jane. She sounded so fond of you I had to find out a bit more about you and was pleased to find that you had just started a podcast. It sounds like the retreat was a barrel load of fun and I loved hearing all about it. I've added you on Instagram and look forward to seeing more pictures and viewing more episodes.

  15. What a fun time getting to know you! Thanks for the, please, keep the fun times coming to all of your fans!
    Ruth C

  16. Love your fresh new show! My daughter is starting up. Knitting group at UVic and I'll encourage her to discover your podcast.

  17. Heard about you from Knitting Pipeline podcast. You are a breath of fresh air! I love your enthusiasm and appreciation of the world around you.