Friday, December 16, 2016

JuniperGraceTube : 25 The one where I forget everything (Week 18)

MY DARLING JUNIPERS!!   Hello hello and welcome back to the fun!

How is this even possible?!  

Are you ready?  I'm not sure if I am really.... but I do know that it's going to be magical seeing little one's reactions to Christmas :)  So far the Christmas tree is absolutely fascinating!

Now let's dive into this week's episode of JuniperGraceTube in which my mommy brain is majorly on display.  Grab a delicious beverage and your knitting and let's dive in!

The Show:

The Notes:

The Yarns mentioned: 

- Lolo Did It  'Honey Duke's' colourway
- Opal advent calendar of awesomeness :)

The Podcasts mentioned:

- Grocery Girls  (Home LYS River City Yarns)
- Wraybot's Junk Yarn Podcast

Other Good Stuff:

- Riv.Creative and her amazing stitch markers! 

- DeMo Lip balm : Love yourself Lip Balm

Her name IS Carly!!!

- The Nome Knitter and her super lovely stitch markers and progress keepers.


  1. Christmas really is a magical time isnt it? And the picture is super adorable. Looks like youre a fan of FRIENDS, just like me! How cool

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