Monday, May 31, 2010

Anchors away!

This is what I look like today.
Also, this is what I look like when I have a cold.....

It's not that pretty... but here I am... going out on a limb to say... HEY...
"I am woman, hear me roar..."
OH WAIT! I'm not in the movie 'Sex and the City 2'
(AGG what a horrible scene... they kind of lost me at the karaoke not gonna lie)

In other news:

1) It is very difficult to take a picture of your inside arm with your laptop camera
2)YES I was too lazy to get my real camera out
3)I have been obsessively doodling anchors everywhere for the past two days...
4) Does that mean I'm meant to join the navy?

Ok... so let's just say that third time's the charm? Here I am on attempt number THREE to bring the blog back! It's been WAY too long... no really... it has.


(in rainbow to make it look pretty)

I moved to Victoria
I started work back at Starbucks
I played Ingrid my ukulele a lot
I met the most amazing man named Joel
I watched a LOT of Project Runway

I completed my TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate
I just signed up for the RVA Summer camp class online

Oh LOLCATZ you always say it best.

I' m excited to see where the summer leads. I'm growing strawberries and doodling anchors.
What are your hopes for the summer?

See you soon!


  1. GRACE!!! You have brought such joy to my life! I sit here all day waiting for you to blog. Haha...well I do check it a lot!!! Can't wait to live on the same piece of land as you...27 more days!!!

  2. Elsie was going nautical a bit back too! :-)
    Glad to see you back in the blogosphere.

    <3 D