Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Luff and stuff


Ok, so, so far I have been definitely LOVING being back in the blogosphere! Oh how I've missed sending my thoughts off into space via the internet!

So now I want to talk about some LUFF and STUFF... Dear Joel, (that's my boyfriend) I love it when you wrap me in your arms while we are lying on the couch... then fall asleep... and lull me to sleep with your rhythmic snoring. Isn't it funny the things that warm your heart? I know I'm just a quirky person by nature but I'd have to say that loving the sound of my boyfriend's snoring either makes me one inch away from the crazy bin ORRrrr one really lucky girl who's hopelessly twitterpated.

So that's the thought of the night... GRACE + JOEL = <3
Tomorrow I have the day off... I'm going to make cupcakes in a jar!
~sweet dreams~

1 comment:

  1. You are twitterpated! When you know who starts snoring I visualize punching him in the nose...but instead settle for a love tap aka I hit or elbow him hard! Haha!