Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today I made ginger snaps... and I realized that I REALLY REALLY REALLY like ginger snaps!

In other news, I'm finally doing my laundry for the first time in about a month.... I can't wait til I have my own home where my laundry machines are mine own, and my crazy landlord (that wouldn't exist) wouldn't lock the door to the laundry room for fear of me stealing their delicates??

*Yes I'm still drawing anchors on my arm

*Yes Joel put me to sleep with his 'youknowwhats' again....

*Yes I like to talk like this in my blog.

About a year ago, I went on an awesome road trip back to Edmonton for a week... while in my favorite place (Whyte Ave) I found an amazing John Denver LP and planned on buying it for my mum... instead, he became a fellow traveler... Appearing in many photos and many places. Needless to say he is in my room waiting for the next big road trip.

I'm starting to feel that familiar itch to get off this island and visit somewhere new.....

In closing for today I had a WONDERFUL REALIZATION! There are so many women out there that share the same hopes/ fears/ goals/ desires for their lives as me. ...

*somehow that knowledge makes me feel OK*

~ What is one hope you have for this summer?
* I want to grow some yummy peas in my garden!

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