Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday tooo YOU!

Sometimes I can really dislike a Monday... It feels like all my weekend joy is squashed abruptly by the arrival of the big old M. But lately Mondays have been one of my days off... and I actually get excited for them!

Monday means: stores are open regular hours, People are busy with school or work so traffic isn't insane all day long, the mail service resumes it's regular schedule, AND... I dunno I just feel like there should be one more thing........ OOH! I know! I HAVE THE DAY OFF!!

Life round these parts has been pretty good. Joel took me to a baseball game yesterday.. the only unfortunate part was I returned with a mega sunburn..

In other news.. working towards the KOBO is going great! A lot of people are getting excited for me and totally jumping on board with what I can do for them. I finished the slippers and coasters and blinging out the 3D glasses...

Now I'm working on the most awesome motivational star/sticker chart EVER!! I feel like I should start marketing these things.. because they are WICKED!

Here's a little sneak picture of the sweet colours involved.



  1. Hi Grace :)
    You *won* a giveaway on my blog, please email me with your mailing address so your prize can be sent :) Thanks, xo :)