Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have a confession to make....

lean in, real nice and close ok?

have you leaned in yet?

I kind of.. maybe sort of... ok really really want a ....... KOBO!

What the heck is a KOBO?!?! you should... FOLLOW THIS LINK

OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN. I'm not going to lie, when ereaders first came out I was a HUGE SKEPTIC! In fact, I pretty much wrote them off as useless things that will break your eyes and try to destroy books as we know and love their beautiful smell and cracked spines....

BUT THEN... dah dah dahhhhhhhhhhhh... *ahem* I picked up a KOBO. Held it in my hand. Read the first chapter of Jane Austen's 'Emma'.... I was hooked. From the e-ink display, to the quilted back, and delightful lack of weight, even the pre-loaded 100 classic titles... I thought to myself, 'Self, I think you want one of these.'

But then I realized that anything worth having was worth working for... I decided I would try to earn some extra money/ save some cash here and there in order to get my e-reader.

UNFORTUNATELY my lawn/ basement suite does not accommodate garage sales.... I also do not make very much money in tips *sigh*

- I'm a pretty crafty girl
- most people wouldn't mind parting with five or ten dollars
- what if I ask my friends and family what I could make for them that they would be willing to give me five or ten bucks?!?!

WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I was really nervous at first to see if it would succeed but a few people have really gotten on board! So far I am crocheting slippers, making drink coasters, taking photographs, decorating 3D glasses, knitting socks, and creating a motivational sticker chart for some of the people in my life!

It feels good to make a little money from my creativity... it also feels very good to know that when I finally get my little KOBO I will have truly earned it through hard work and patience!

I wonder... is there something I could make YOU for five or ten dollars?


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