Monday, July 18, 2011

After midnight still counts if you haven't gone to sleep yet!

Hello everybody!

BAM! DAY TWO! IN A ROW! *pat on the back for me*

Today Joel took me for a walk by the Gorge waterway.
I love it when the water is so clear and glassy that it acts like a mirror.

Isn't nature just the best?

I don't know where that little dock leads to but I want to visit someday!

Finally, dear roomie, GAME ON!

My personal response to THIS


  1. What iphone app do you use for your picturing?? So pretty... And yes... DOWANT. ;-)

  2. I use hipstamatic! I think it costs 1.99 but it's COMPLETELY worth it! You can also download instagram that is free and will edit your photos with those effects and then share them with your friends.