Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I need a thing

You know how some people have things like:

Wheezy Waiter : Explosion Wednesdays EXPLOSION

A Beautiful Mess: 10 Things I love LOVE

Aesthetic Outburst: This Weekend ...

Any Ideas??

Here's my first idea MUSICAL MONDAY... lalalalalaaaaaa!


Today while I was shopping for a birthday present for my step Faja I decided that I want to get a record player. JUST LIKE THIS ONE!

THEN I will buy vinyl from the new hip record store in town DITCH RECORDS

THEN I will play my hip new vinyl that hopefully sounds like this:

THEN I will dance around and be full of joy :)

I dunno... should this be a thing?


  1. wow that is a sweet record player!!!
    when zao was born i was so stoked to be at home in our living room listening to elliott smith on the record player ^_^

  2. I'm happy at least you are settling on a small record player, because we've got enough Tetris to play around here... Any more big ticket items and we'll have to play Jenga instead!! :-)

    HEY!!! My sneak peak told me you were gonna call us your Junipers... I WANNA BE CALLED A JUNIPER!!! Dane it!

  3. PS: JUST SO HAPPY TO SEE OU BLOGGING!!! Now I can officially link to you without feeling guilty for sending people to a deceased blog! :)

  4. I dont know if it is clear what Musical mondays are... you need to solidify that lol

  5. Sounds very good. I like it very much.