Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yo Junipers!  GUESS WHAT?!?!  

Just in case you didn't think I could do it... I believe that I managed to blog seven days in a row!  Yeah, yeah, I know some of you are thinking, "Big deal.  I know lots of people that blog for months in a row.  Seven days... Pffft!"

Well, for me, this marks a turning point in life as I know it.  I am back!  

Now for day seven I want to talk about a little something that is dear to my heart.  MONTH-AVERSARIES

Yes, that's right, I like to celebrate the day I started dating Joel EVERY MONTH... Yes we've been dating for almost two years, and yes there are a lot of people that would laugh at such sentimentality (Jessica Fewer) but I genuinely believe that when you take the time to celebrate the little things your relationships benefit.

Not just ooey gooey love relationships either.  I think taking time to celebrate different things like a good grade on a test, or an achievement at work, or a new pair of glasses is a really fun and special way to connect and make a relationship stronger!

One way that Joel and I celebrate is through little presents for each other.  Here's a more recent gift that Joel brought me:

I think I usually bake something for him (but let's face it, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right mum?)

 Today I found the perfect *hint* thing *cough* that I would love *HINT HINT* to be given....
   (sold at Cupcakes in Uptown)

So if anyone feels like nudging a certain someone in the right direction for me... feel free :D

Well my friends, here's to celebrating the simple things in life!  
What are some little celebrations that have impacted your life

Tell me about them and I will add you to the list of people that will get MAIL from me <3

(More to come on that tomorrow)



  1. I think its cute that you and Joel have monthaversaries.I just hope it doesnt get too expensive lol! Congrats on the seven day streak, and I wish you luck to keep it up :) I too love cupcakes :) Especially the ones with cream cheese icing!

    I would say my little celebration that impacted my life was Jessmass. Those of you who are in the know already know what there is to know. ;)

    Love Jesse

  2. Speaking of baking wasn't some banana bread happening soon? I mean congrats on making a week of blogging!

  3. I also can see monthaversaries getting expensive, but that's because I am no where near as crafty or as talented in the kitchen as you.

    My mum used to celebrate good report cards at the end of the year - does that count? If we had done amazing on our report cards all year long she would give us $50, and the $100 when we got older. Then I found out kids in my class got money every report card... and yet I never stopped doing well...hmmmmm

    I'd settle for a date at this point...

  4. Oh Jesse and Tyra... you guys must just buy really expensive things! Joel and I are all about hand made and 'the little things' if you will... (Yes the cupcake mug counts.. it's not expensive :P)

    Jesse I propose that we start a new celebration.. called Salt Water Taffy day! We can pick a day, go buy salt water taffy... enjoy said taffy, while texting each other and taking pictures of the fun! Sounds like a plan?

    Tyra you are lucky.. I did NOT get money for good grades... they were simply expected. Although when I was a kid I think my mum bribed me with Grande Champion horses!

    Oh and Anonymous, I love you too.

  5. man man man i missed commenting.
    we don't celebrate monthiversaries because we've been married almost 8 years (what the heck? can you even believe it?). that would be a lot of months! haha.

    my favourite things to celebrate now involve haye, and soon zao i suppose.

  6. Ask me what the victory thrust is, and I'll demo it for you sometime! heh heh heh... (It's something we do at dance rehearsals on Tuesday nights whenever we feel the need to celebrate! Soo... Soo... Funny...)