Sunday, July 24, 2011

I mean business!

Greetings Junipers!
What a productive day I've had!!

1)I woke up at the ungodly hour of four am to go serve people coffee.
2) I made a few awkward attempts/fails at latte art.
3) I was given a FREE and FANTASTIC record player whom I have named Victor.
4)I came home and now understand the theory behind latte art!

5) When I go in to work on Monday I have some seriously subversive practicing to do.

6) Coffee is nice I really like it.

7) What do you really like?


  1. Who gave you Victor? It is a very suitable name. Named for his Grandfather Vitrola I assume? :cD

    I really like coffee that is spelled with two e's and that doesn't hurt my tummy when I drink it.

    I also really like thunderstorms, chocolate, and furniture I can build myself that doesn't have hinges!!

    P.S. I have a word of the day for us: scutelliphilia. Look it up and let me know what you find :cD

  2. I REALLY LIKE COFFEE. and thunderstorms too! and babies laughing, and well even babies crying. i just like babies. i got a new comforter that is purple and pink and i like that very much. and i like when you call us junipers. i like tiny knit things but i don't know how to knit. and i like 'american pie' by don mclean and led zeppelin. and i like to read and i like listening to vinyl and sometimes i like to cry. i like going to church and i like skipping church to snuggle in bed and i like camping and i like graffiti art and i also like witnessing people really enjoying their kids in public. i really like seeing people laughing in their car through my rear-view mirror. i like cloth diapering and breastfeeding and cosleeping and babywearing. i like big brother a whole heck of a lot. i like eavesdropping on conversations and i like staying up late to play word games like scrabble and bananagrams with friends. i do not like acdc.


    Kicking things
    And making people smile!

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