Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 Dear Junipers, Today I am sick...  I've had a snuffly nose for the past two days but today it reached the point of "ouch! not another kleenex please!"   

Thank good glory that they have invented such a thing as tissues with lotion!  Dear Puffs Plus Lotion Vicks... YOU ARE AWESOME!

One benefit to being stuck inside feeling useless is I actually managed to make a TON of earrings for the shop!  Remember: It is good to support local art... it is also good to support local Grace.  

SIDE NOTE:  I wrote this entire post yesterday, and then fell asleep before publishing..  I think the proof is in the unpublished pudding...  I have been ill..


I had a very restful day today and am feeling worlds better!  
I have finally mailed the prizes for reading my blog that I promised when I returned to blogging...  and NOW the next project is a DIY craft tutorial.  Hopefully I can get that up for you tomorrow. 

I send you my love little Junipers. 

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