Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saltspring Island Adventure!

Today we loaded up Gwendoline (my blue wagon) and headed out to the beautiful Saltspring Island!

Although the trip took a little while to get started (the ferry terminal was BUSY) we managed to jam in a good little adventure for ourselves!

This was Mum and Jessica's first official visit to the Island and probably my fourth visit.  I feel like the moment you get off the ferry you have arrived in a magical place that would be home to many fairies and other magical creatures.

Our mission :The Ganges Market

It was beautiful and sunny and the market was packed with colourful people and all sorts of different venders.  I brought along some of my earrings to see if I could actually barter with any of the sellers. 

It turns out that if you have something that is of worth to someone else the bartering system is NOT dead!   It took a little bit to work up the courage to initiate the bartering but once I opened my little box with my earrings in it the people I wanted to trade with were sold!  I managed to score some beautiful feather earrings and a fun and funky monster plush from The Wrestler and the Needle. 

Some other highlights include feather hair extensions, fantastic buskers, delicious noodle boxes, and Jessica counting how many hippies she saw. 

I think it is wonderful getting off the Island for a little while.  I wish we had a whole weekend to explore.  I'm itching to borrow some books on the history of Saltspring.  ALSO I feel very encouraged that I make things that people want to own.  Things that are of bartering value!  

What have you done this weekend?  What is one wonderful moment that has stood out to you?

TTFN my darling junipers!

Etsy Shop update happening sometime tomorrow <3 <3 <3


  1. Thanks! I swear I was sweating bullets just trying to get up the guts!! THEN when it worked out in my favor I had to remind myself to play it cool. :D