Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In My Jar (list day the second)

Happy Wednesday list day the second to you all!

Today I want to talk about things in jars.
This is my jar....

I have recently entered a 'jar phase' in my life that may or may not stick around for a while.  But while it sticks around I would love to share the things in my jar.
So far I have put frappuccinos, american mistos, double chocolate porter, and water(not pictured) in my jar.

In June I made cupcakes in a jar for my youth group kids.

For my birthday two years ago Joel (my manfriend) bought me sunshine in a jar!

I would NEVER put my cat in a jar!

I think it would be fun to make a city in a jar... possibly with tiny little trinkets and photos... Maybe as a way to either make a time capsul, remember a special  trip, or help someone else experience your favorite city if they have never visited before!

I have only tried a terrarium ONCE... it was ok for maybe a week then it just withered up and was gone... this upside down jar terrarium makes me smile.  It's on the to-do list FOR SHORE!

These hand-made snow globes remind me of an unfortunate summer when I was craft lady at a kids camp.  The little girls LOVED their snow globes... the little boys thought it was hilarious to SMASH the globes on the ground and leave a LOT of extra work for mr. maintenance man...  needless to say he was not pleased with me.

I love buttons... I love jars... naturally this is a brilliant idea!

I had blueberry bubble tea today... SO MAD I FORGOT MY JAR!!!  I will have to go again I guess :)

If you were going through a jar phase what would you put in your jar?

Any suggestions for what I should put in my jar for the future?

I will be taking suggestions and the person who comes up with the name will receive some mail love from me!  Something I am developing for the good old Etsy shop!

*IMPORTANT NOTE: please leave your name and email address with your comment suggestions... that way when I pick the winner I will know how to get in touch with you.  ok? ok! *


  1. "Morrison"
    It's your last name but also was James Morrison's
    And James Morrison was a Door
    And the door is...

  2. OMGosh Grace! Those cupcakes in a jar look sooo yummy! What about sand in a jar, gold fish in a jar (or a fighter fish), a Jar in a Jar in a Jar.. And I think a good name would be James. James the jar. :D

  3. Not James. I like jar jar and morrison. My contribution is: mason. Like Wilson in that Tom hanks movie.

  4. Clarity, Clearweather, Crystal, Jar Jar Binks, Pristine, Sandy (for a sand jar), Joy, or Whimsy

  5. Don't forget our encouragement jars! I still have mine at home, with all the notes from camp.

  6. Also Jardin (for a terrarium jar). It means garden in Spanish and has the word jar in it.

  7. Don't listen to Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr Anonymous.. James is a great name. :P How would all the James Jars in the world feel if they heard Anonymous say that, they would be heartbroken..

  8. I think Mason, or Jar-Jar would be good. But then, I don't tend to name inanimate objects, so what do I know? ...Anyways you had me at the cat jar. Very funny! And now that you mention it, there does seem to be a sudden flurry of jar love on the ether of late. I think a book, '101 things to do with jars' is in order by someone far cleverer than me...

  9. These ideas are brilliant! When is a door not a door? WHEN IT'S A JAR!! Keep the suggestions rolling... I will be choosing the winner on Monday!

  10. I know how much you like naming things girls names that are slightly less used (like Gertrude)so I was thinking Juliette the Jar... or perhaps Jasmine, or if you get a bigger Jar and want to name it, it should be big bertha ;)

  11. The buttons in the jar are very pretty - but I love rainbows so anything rainbow coloured (or named *cough* Rainbow Owl *cough*) makes me happy.

    Also, because of you, and your posting of Starbucks-y frappucino goodness, I totally dragged mum out for the yesterday. It was a much needed craving-satifaction!! I lament that the Starbucks on campus here does not sell the awesomeness that is blended, cold drinks :c( I don't know how this is possible since it have been hitting 29 degrees here for the last few days :c( I have to resort to going to Dairy Queen or Jugo Juice, and it's not the same!!

    Anyway, I am totally on board with Mason. I like that name on Vampire Diaries, and now I like that name for your jar.


  12. Also, this one time...last week... we forgot to pay our hydro bill and had to use my mason jars as fancy candle holders. THAT is how I now use my mason jars...and empty liquor bottles. (daves bottles.)

  13. "MJ" like my faves, Michael Jackson, but for Mason Jar :-)

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