Monday, August 22, 2011

List Love (30 days of heaven)

Today I have spent a lot of time rambling around the world wide web and I managed to stumble across the most fantastic e-course!

It's an e-course that runs for the entire month of September.  There will be list prompts each day, an awesome and interactive forum, and excellent DIYs....  all for SIX DOLLARS!  I'm not even kidding...  that's kind of amazing.

I still have a lot of exploring to do... But I would love it if you joined me on this awesome September adventure...  I think it will be a blast.

To check them out you can:
Follow the widget on the side of my blog >>
follow them on twitter  30LISTS
Or even take a look at their FLICKR

I guess I need to make a little list book now...  oh so so so excited! 
Let me know if you decide to participate!

TTFN Little Junipers

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