Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello my lovely little Junipers!

Greetings from sleepy ville population me.

My head has been swimming the past few days with plans and execution of launching my little Etsy store.  I don't know how some people manage to launch HUGE operations.

I will have to admit that Starbucks has a really good method down for changing over the store.  Good thing I'm not aiming for Starbucks levels.

I just created some fantastic new Stache Packs for the shop!  I had SO MUCH FUN making these!


And trying them on....

But in completely unrelated Etsy talk...
Tonight I went to the lake with Joel.
Lately we've been going right at about the time that most people would be heading home.  I kind of love it.  It's so peaceful and quiet.

Have you ever just floated on your back and watched the clouds?  The water is in your ears and you feel kinda like you are in your own little world for a few minutes.  On Instagram there was a hashtag for wanting 5 more minutes of something this long weekend.  I think if my cell phone was waterproof I would have taken a picture from my floating point THAT WAS MY FIVE MORE.

What about you?

I send my love little Junipers and leave you with some beautiful lake floating music.

(Thumbs up for awesome covers!)


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