Friday, August 5, 2011

Her name was LOLA

Hello everybody!  How are my little Junipers doing today?

Me?  I have come down with a little cold... but other than that life is pretty good!

I'm having a LOT of fun coming up with clever ideas for my etsy shop.

Please visit my shop and consider how you can support a local artist!  I know the mustache stickers are calling your name!

In other news, two days ago I went to see the Sidney Ocean Discovery center. 

It was increadible!  I couldn't help wanting to buy a seasons pass (nerd alert) and also buying some 'realistic whale stickers"

I may have fallen in love with an octopus and her name is Lola!  I'm not kidding I could have spent several hours watching her swim, grope, and squeeze her way around her tank!  Now I think I understand what some artists are so fascinated by these strangely beautiful creatures.

The aquarium was fascinating.  Especially coming from a girl that does not like seafood.  For some reason I love to look at fish and watch them move around but I don't like the way that they taste.  Oh well you can't win them all.

In even MORE news I have found a local photo shop that will print off all of my square photos from Instagram and hipstamatic!  I'm so pumped!  One thing I have definitely wanted to do is actually print pictures and make a sort of scrap book of life.  

It's funny to think that some day when I have children they will have no concept of what it was like to take a picture and wait til it was developed to see if anything good came of taking the picture!   Remember when you only took one or two pictures of something because you didn't want to waste film?  

Well those are my thoughts for the day.  

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