Friday, August 26, 2011

Time for another FREEBIE FRIDAY!!

Greetings darling Junipers!
I have already seen one FANTASTIC response to the draw Gaddafi post...  oh do keep them coming...

But now it's time for a little thing I like to call ANOTHER FREEBIE FRIDAY!
(cue applause)

I had the IMMENSE pleasure of going for a little adventure with my dear friend Kayla today!  We drank Starbucks from jars... (The phase lives on!)..  I am still decided the winner of the name contest.  I will choose on Monday so if you have any great ideas visit THIS POST and make sure you leave your name or a link so I can get ahold of you if you win!  

THEN we went to a paint-your-own-pottery place called DANIELLE'S STUDIO.  We picked out funny little trolls to paint for each other.  Sadly Kayla is moving to Vancouver next week so I had to make sure she had something to remind her of me.  A troll should be good!  We named them Clarence and Wallace. 

Wallace loves hedley *rolls eyes at Kayla* and Clarence has a wicked anchor tattoo.


Hold your horses! I was just about to get to that!

After our fantastic pottery painting we hit the thrift store (naturally) and just above the spot where they keep the incredibly cheap vinyl there were incredibly cheap vintage postcards!!

I found some real gems too!  
Here's where it gets fun!  leave me a comment telling me which postcard is your favorite, why, and what you think I should eat tonight for dinner.  I have 12 up for grabs ready to be written on and sent off in the mail so don't be shy people!  

*Make sure that when you are commenting that you leave me a link or email address so that I can get ahold of you to send your sweet awesome prize!*

Finally, I'm working on some super fun updates in the shopOnly SIX more days to use the AMAZING COUPON I have on offer for you Little Junipers follow the link if you don't know what I'm talking about.



  1. Firstly, I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to making gaddafis now. lol. just wait till this next one hehe
    Second. I like the bobcat...he looks ridiculous.
    Third. Go for tortalini. i love torts...

  2. The elephants one is so obviously the best! Hello, has anyone heard of better names for elephants than Tina and Bertha!? I think not!
    Dinner for Grace tonight...hmm, I had lettuce wraps last night and they were DELICIOUS! Veggie ground round, stir-fried with onions, mushrooms, zucchini and peppers with a little Daiya cheese on top wrapped up in some iceberg lettuce. Seriously good.
    Have a good night!
    Teigan (aka your most favorite bubba tea barista EVA!)

  3. The squirrels are the best because they remind me of the gopher hole museum in southern Alberta and it is my wish to roadtrip which made me remember how much I love roadtripping. For supper I would suggest homemade salsa and chips and enchiladas becaaaause I just got back from my lovely vacay and miss fresh salsa.
    If you write me, and I have many wonderful postcards and would write you baaaack, my address is: C.Jackson 5307 46 ave, Vermilion AB, T9X 1X8

  4. Man this is like the 400th time I've tried to comment. I think your blog hates my computer. I say eat ice cream cake for dinner. Because it's all kinds of awesome. And if I had to pick a favorite postcard it would be the subway trains one. That is all. Also Hi!
    Love From

  5. I think I love the one with the field of yellow flowers the best. Reminds me of home with the canola fields, which I can only see when driving up north (which I hardly ever do!) You are inspiring. Also, my name is Carla. Just FYI. I will FB you my address.

  6. Juniper! I love the circus one :-) it would go perfect for my husband's upcoming surprise circus party! Much xoxo :-)