Friday, August 26, 2011

Draw Gaddafi

Junipers!  Have I got some random fun for you!

One of my recent favorite illustrators NICOLA ROWLANDS has come up with a truly bizarre yet funny TUMBLR! (click on that link)  We all know that no one truly knows where Gaddafi is.  So she figures that if we can't FIND him we might as well DRAW him.

Google image search Gaddafi and you will see what a funny challenge this can be!  Once you finish your drawing, submit it to Nicola by emailing it to:
mail (at) nicolarowlands (dot) co (dot) uk

I've already submitted my funny pink doodle... I would LOVE to see what you come up with!  (especially JESSE and MERRICK!)

When you send your submission make sure you let Nicola know I sent her your way!
HAhahaha this is too silly and too funny!

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