Friday, September 2, 2011

Fuzzy Friday

Darling Junipers...  this has been one long week.
Have you ever had one of those days where you feel a little fuzzy?
That was me today...  
I believe my tweet went...  
"Starting my day without coffee... we'll see how this goes.. *facepalm*"

It was ok but I think one thing that really made it kinda bearable was thinking about today's list.  



When I am working on a delicious new knitting pattern..  extra points when I actually get to keep the knit at the end of the process!  (I very rarely knit for myself)

This is my most recent project and I have made myself one (featured in the blog title picture) and am now making one for my mum.  I love Jane's work!


When I am drinking a delicious cup of coffee.  Nothing more delightful then some delicious coffee and my journal. 
This illustration reminds me of when I was first introduced to the art of coffee tasting.


When I am with the ones I love!  Hands down, this is the best. 

'nuf said


When I am writing letters to my friends... whether they be far away or close to home.

 I am a PROUD member of the Letter Writers Alliance!

When I am exploring new music, playing my ukulele, and singing at the top of my lungs.   


The list definitely goes on but those are some highlights...
This tired Grace needs to put herself to bed.

I encourage you to take a few moments today and think about what makes you happy!  What brings you joy?  Pause and be thankful.



  1. i heart the begbie cowl! it's so awesome!!! what colour are you doing it in? it's one of the classes i'm teaching! yay for knits for yourself!

  2. Awe! I love the picture of you and your mom! Jealous of everyone's pictures up on this blog post ;) You'd be very proud of me, because I managed to knit a touque for my friend Shannon :) It turned out pretty good :D

  3. Fuzzy LOVE! That is beautiful!I need to learn how to knit... I want Sonia and I to have matching ones this winter.. or Sonia, Kalyn and I.. for Christmas photos... ohhh man... the awesomeness is overcoming me

  4. We really do need to take a pic with these new glasses! We would look sooooo similar!!! Good pick! <3 Sica