Friday, September 2, 2011

Thursday List Day the third

Merry Happy first day of September to you my little Junipers!
Can't you just smell the sharpened pencils and fresh notebooks in the air?

Ahhh yes the sweet sweet season of new school supplies and colourful leaves.  
I think I'm officially in heaven.

Remember that time that I mentioned the most excellent  30 days of lists September edition e-course??  (link on the right side bar)  WELL it started today and I'm SO JAZZED to write a different list each day.  (well ok.. aside from the boring old to-do lists I write for myself anyways.) Time to get the list-juices flowing!

Today's topic: Goals for this month

I decided to pick a few good challenges like completing the intiative response and starting Brownies off with style... but then I threw in some sweet fun things that I hope will make September awesome!   I might actually add to the list  but this is a good start.  I love love love my itty bitty list book.  (THANKS MUM)

In other news completely unrelated to lists....   carrying knitting needles in your purse can be hazardous to the bag's health.  THANK GOODNESS MUM CAN FIX ANYTHING!

What are your goals this September?

See you tomorrow with some more of the usual fun!


  1. hey! this is the first i've heard of the 30 days of lists! sounds pretty interesting! i love the idea of having those special goals, and the timeline of the month... so great! i'm a true list maker myself. MUST make lists, always. hahahaah. on another note.... i'm so sad your knitting needles attacked your bag so! eek! maybe a cute little patch will sort it all out :)
    can't wait to see what etsy treasures will be up for fall! xo

  2. What a cute blog you have! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too!

  3. Will you share with us all the lists you end up writing?

  4. To comment more on awesome blogs...starting with this one!
    Keep on Ukeing girl! :o)