Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet Joel and Pocket-Joel

Happy Wednesday my little Junipers!
Today was just a wonderful day!


Now I'm sure some of you have heard me talk about Nicola Rowlands.
She is one of my new favorite artists!
Soon I will actually have an interview with her for you to see...
But for now I want to share something really awesome with you!

This afternoon I went to the mailbox to see that an Etsy order I placed a while ago had arrived!  ALL THE WAY FROM ENGLAND!

Nicola is a fantastic illustrator and one of the special treats in her Etsy shop is pocket manfriends!   THEY ARE SO HILARIOUS! And the packaging is amazing!
She has a set of characters (go look at her shop!) but she also offers custom made manfriends.  When I heard that I was in!

So I sent a photo of Joel to Nicola and THIS is what she made...


I have also decided that I want to start a collection of brooches from Etsy artists.  This is Olive.  She is amazing brooch number one.

You can take a look at my Etsy treasury list of some of the brooches I would like to add to the collection HERE.

Since Real Joel was at work today I decided to take pocket-Joel with me for coffee... 
He really does fit perfectly in my pocket see?

Real Joel prefers tea but he never minds coming with me to Starbucks.
Pocket-Joel was decent company... but I decided that talking to him might draw a bit too much attention....  It's ok...  comfortable silence you know?

When the coffee was done, Pocket- Joel decided to check in on his traveling buddy Olive.  She seems really happy.

Although he let me get my work done in peace he couldn't resist leaving his mark somewhere...

In the end I think I would prefer the real Joel to be with me but I definitely think it's fun to have pocket-Joel around.

Dear Nicola,
Thank you so much for being so darn creative.  I love your work and your quirks.  Thanks for making my day so much brighter today.  
sincerely, Me

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