Friday, September 23, 2011

Not enough time

Dear Junipers,
Do you ever feel like there just ISN'T enough time in a day to get everything done that you want to?  I'm pretty sure I have that feeling EVERY day!
I have been juggling a lot of things and when times get a little too stressful or a little too overwhelming I find a lot of peace in beautiful music.

DISCLAIMOR:  Rebecca from Nook DEFINITELY gets credit for this blog topic!
Check out her take on the subject HERE
Now for some beautiful music!

If I could sing like Adele I wouldn't bother talking anymore... I would just sing and sing and sing...   I am currently attempting to master this song on my ukulele. (Big task I know) So I will have to keep you posted on the progress.

Dear Adele, I just found out that you smoke.  Please stop killing the fantastic voice that you have...  it just won't sound the same coming out of an electronic box.
Sincerely, your adoring fan that likes you alive.

Also my all-time-go-to vocal inspiration ELLA FITZGERALD.  I easily own more of her music than any other artist I enjoy.  Random tidbit: She started off as a dancer trying to make money on the streets until one day someone asked her to sing.   Dear Someone, great move!

Thanks Rebecca for the inspiration and thanks everyone for taking the time to listen to some things that I love!

In other news I am a part of a WICKED giveaway on one of my friend's blogs....  Now just look on my side bar for MANZANITA...  click the link (I know you want to) And go take a look!


  1. awww grace, that is soo sweet! thanks for the link love! i just find that when you sit down and listen to something inspiring, everything just gets a minute to calm down, hey? love your musician choices! i so enjoyed this today! thanks:)

  2. Ugh, I can't believe Adele smokes. What a disappointment.