Monday, September 19, 2011


Ahoy me wee Junipers!
Today was Talk Like a Pirate Day!
I can't believe I almost missed it!   
Thank goodness I was wearing me trusty anchor earrings!

I seriously LOVE Pirates!  I'm not sure where this love began but it has been around for a long time!  Something about their scraggly beards, shoulder parrots, and amazing wardrobe screams WE ARE AWESOME!


As a partner at Starbucks I proudly consider myself a Starbuccaneer and when I get a little too tired near the end of my shift, you know just when the caffeine is starting to wear off, I start to respond to requests with "Arrr..."

This Bizarro cartoon hangs on my wall and makes me laugh EVERY time I see it.

Here's a little help for the beginner at Pirate Speak.

Here is handy dandy translator:  POST LIKE A PIRATE

Pirate Cupcakes
Some perfect treats for a day like today!

If I were a pirate I would try to have a pet octopus... or maybe this should be my tattoo?

Finally I created a fantastic Etsy treasury list of all things good and Piratey...  HERE

I think I will go read Cressida Cowell's 'How to Train Your Dragon' and maybe drink some rum?  HAPPY PIRATE DAY TO YE ALL!!



  1. hahah this is AWESOME! also. i love that tattoo... :) thought mine might not be of an octopus when i get it. you make me smile, lady. thanks so much for this post! xx

  2. My love of RUM leads me to believe my ancestors were Pirates. I totally get Jack Sparrow when he tells Barbosa regarding his rum-filled peg leg, "I WANT one of those"....


  3. You guys are the best! I have to agree on the rum notion as well!! And Rebecca I don't think I will actually get that tattoo... still want just an anchor!