Thursday, October 24, 2013

All the possibilities....

The Fog is still covering our little corner of the Island like a blanket and I am busily getting ready for my trip to Maine.  This means thinking about what I want to pack... what am I going to wear?... It's going to be cold there, do I have the right warm clothes?... How big of a suitcase do I really need for 4 days?.... Who will be at the retreat?.... and most importantly WHAT AM I GOING TO KNIT?!?!

Enter Wishful Wednesday:

(this is Lori from Lorix5 and her Bergen Cowl )

Somehow, whenever I want to know what I should knit I come across a new project done by this lovely lady and inspiration flows! She always has a kind word or exciting adventure to share and like I've already said she is a huge source of inspiration to me!   The pattern is by Carrie Bostick Hoge an incredible designer and part of the genius behind Quince and Company!
 **Follow the links to visit Lori's blog, the Bergen Cowl pattern, and Carrie's Ravelry page.**

 More knitterly inspiration that I am thrilled to share is the sneak peak of the new book of knitting patterns published by my dear friends Shannon Cook and Jane Richmond!  Absolutely beautiful designers from right here on Vancouver Island... I NEED TO KNIT THE SHAWL RIGHT NOW. (or after I buy the yarn from Quince and Company)...... I know that this book will be a hit!

This Postcard image from liekeland makes me wish I had a boat... and a Bear.... and some tea.

Some of you may know I'm an absolute Harry Potter nut!
These socks will HAVE to be made. 

Now that you's seen into a few of my hopes and dreams for the future, it looks like I need to say goodnight from the Island.  I know it isn't Tune Tuesday anymore but I really can't get this song out of my head!  Oh Rachel Sermanni...



  1. Grace thanks for the love <3 And for the song! How lovely!

  2. that is such a beautiful song, grace! love it! I love that you're going on a retreat! i'm sure it will be amazing beyond words... xoxo I can't wait to hear all about it! xo

  3. i love everything in this post! thank you so much for including me too grace. off to listen more to Rachel!