Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fog blankets

Rachel Sermanni is what I've been listening to lately.  This woman's voice sails me away on the mist.

 Here in Victoria on Vancouver Island the trend in weather has been FOG.
 I actually find it absolutely wonderful. There is something so mystical yet cozy about the fog creeping in from the ocean. Like a soggy blanket that makes me thankful for all of the hours spent knitting beautiful things out of wool!

Tonight we got the news that Joel's Grandma Meg has gone on to be with the Lord. Sad, but a blessing, all the same. She was in a lot of pain and now no more. I was able to go see her yesterday, she wanted to give me her yarn and crocheting patterns. What a precious, precious, gift.

(This is a picture of Meg with Joel's Mum and Dad last year)

 So with that I will say farewell Meg you were loved deeply and will be missed the same. 
 Thank you for everything.


  1. oh so sorry for your loss, i hope your sweet memories will bring you comfort and in time, smiles.
    i love the fog too, it's here now and i know i'll have to bundle up for work today. thank you for new to me
    music, it's lovely.

    1. LORI! you are so sweet! Thank you for you encouraging words and happy thoughts! Enjoy the dulcet tones and float away on the fog in sweet dreams :)