Monday, October 21, 2013


                                       Hello dear Blog land!

  It's been a while... good to see you.... I've missed you all so much! 

 The time has come to seriously get busy knitting for craft fairs, and Christmas, and the most exciting event in just under a month! I'm so excited to share that I will be flying across the country to Maine for a knitting retreat! YES you heard that right, I'm going to fly across the country to knit.... and buy yarn.... and knit some more.... and hopefully make some new friends and be filled with inspiration!

                           SERIOUSLY FUN STUFF HAPPENING HERE 

So let's talk about life... what has been happening?  



                                 I AM NOW 28..... ALMOST 29  .....  *eep*

These pictures are just some eye candy from my most recent yarn/project photo shoot for my Ravelry Project page.     Currently I am working on killing my Unfinished Objects pile (aka UFO's)  The pink shawl pictured is my Piper's Journey.  It's an incredible shawl designed by Paula the Prairie Piper.  I'm knitting mine with Quince and Company Chickadee in the Clay Colourway. 

When I go to Maine we will actually be visiting my FAVORITE yarn company Quince and Company and I need to clear down the amount of projects I have going before I start anymore.  That might be something that a lot of knitters say... so I guess we will see how this goes.   Perhaps I should keep a list to work from.  Maybe if I tell everyone what's going on it will help to keep me accountable?

                                  (This yarn is Quince OWL in Sokoke) 

So let's talk plans for the blog comeback!   I'm hoping to make a schedule that I can stick with in order to get things back and going....
          HERE ARE MY IDEAS:  (Let me know what you think)

MONDAY:  Making Monday..... where I share what's on the needles
TUESDAY:  Tunes Tuesday..... where we look at what I'm listening to
WEDNESDAY: Wish Wednesdays.. where I share my inspirations and dreams
THURSDAY:  Thoughtful Thursdays... where we reflect on something beautiful
FRIDAY:  a) Freebie Fridays..... where we give away stickers and postcards
               b) Family Fridays.... time to share about the fam/jam 
   Most likely Freebie Fridays will be once a month.  *Last Friday of the month.*

This seems like a doable AND entertaining way to bring back the blog... but PLEASE weigh in!  Let me know your thoughts! 

                  Have a HAPPY Monday and see you tomorrow 


  1. hurrah for knitting retreats!! that's so very awesome! which retreat are you going to?!?!?! do tell! xoxo

    1. I'm going to the Knitting Pipeline Retreat in Portland Maine! (Knitting Pipeline is one of my favorite podcasts!) WE ARE GOING TO VISIT QUINCE AND COMPANY.... I can hardly wait

  2. happy belated birthday sweet grace! and yay for the blog comeback! love your schedule! I wish I could do something like that. have a wonderful day there!

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