Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear Santa....

Dear Junipers...
Do you know how quickly Christmas is coming?   Do you know how much I LOVE THAT?!  I'm not just a knitting, Harry Potter, Ukulele, Ava Kitty -Enthusiast...  

To quote Buddy the Elf:
'SANTAAAAAAAA! I know him!'
Incidentally... this year is the 10th anniversary of this amazing movie!

I just thought I would share a little of my Christmas wish list with you!  
Maybe this will help you nail down yours? Or perhaps it will just cause trouble... I'm aiming for the former :) ENJOY

1) A coffee crest from Fenyx Design Shop on Etsy 
Wouldn't this be ridiculously adorable on my camp blanket?

2) This beautiful mitten pattern by the amazing Hannah Fettig!  

3) I left my Heart in Maine... and need proof to put on my wall!  from Stay Gold Media on Etsy.

4) The cutest teeny weeny itty bitty kitty you ever did see!   From Mount Royal Mint on Etsy.

5) THIS SHAWL....  this shawl....  Highland Fling by Susan Mills

6) Can't you picture the socks this yarn would create?! STRAY CAT SOCKS on Etsy

7) Yes ... I would totally cross stitch this and hang it on my wall every winter.  TINY NEEDLE 

8) And the Dr. Who obsession begins... Look at this project bag by Wool Work For Yarn!

9) ummmm yes I will take one in EVERY colour. kthxbai Back Bay Pottery

10) I think that every knitter should have this on their wall.  Susan Newberry Designs

11) This will forever be on the DO WANT list.  LIEKELAND

12) These adorable little sheepy stamps from Norajane on Etsy.

13) The coolest book I've seen in a while EXTRA YARN

14) Finally something for little Ava Kitty!  It's a cat canoe!  I die....  from The Cat Ball on Etsy

So that's about it for now.  You can probably sense a bit of an Etsy trend happening here :) 
I just think it is so important to support those creative people with amazing products but less exposure than Walmart! 

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into how I waste spend my time!

What's on your list?  I'm so curious!

Until Tomorrow ... TTFN


  1. well that was fun! a few of those things are on my list too now! isn't it fun to make lists to get and mostly to give?! i wish i were a millionairebillionaire, i would send all these wonderful things to you sweet grace!

  2. Love this wish list. I am pretty sure my cat would live in that canoe. I am going to have to add several of these items to my wish list as well, especially that Dr. Who bag. Love.

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