Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gavin James

Hello my lovely Junipers!

Greetings from chilly Victoria.  I guess that December is really and truly actually here...   WHICH MEANS... there is no more denying that I need to write my Christmas cards!  I scored some REALLY ADORABLE ONES this year! 

Something that really means a lot to me is the act of writing a message to loved ones at Christmas time.  It's so special.   The difference between a real live letter and email is VAST.  The fact that someone took the time to pick out some note paper, sit down, and write hello shows just how much I mean to them.  It's  a little piece of that person's heart in an envelope, dusted with their essence... their hand-written words... well-wishes... and sometimes doodles!   

Shame on us for getting too busy to indulge in the simple things that can mean so much.

He is from Dublin... and I could listen to this song on repeat for hours... maybe I did already.

I hope that you have had a truly wonderful weekend! 
Don't get too burried in snow and stay tuned the next installment of JuniperGraceTube is coming soon!

TTFN my darlings.

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  1. I love snail mail too. Nothing like going to my mail box and seeing a handwritten letter in there. I squeal with joy and run back to my house to tear it open and read it. I agree that life does get busy, and the internet makes it so much easier/faster, but man, it's just not the same.