Thursday, December 19, 2013

JuniperGraceTube 3 Christmas and sock FEVER

Welcome back my darling Junipers!

I'm so sorry for the bloggy silence this week! OY VEY ... the internets at my house are a little shoddy sometimes and let's just say our land lord has control of them upstairs... so if we can't get ahold of her....we cant fix them when they are being broken........  

complain complain complain

Ok. I'm good now.   Thanks for listening.  On to the fun stuff!


1) The lovely MARY aka WOOLYBEAR368 on Ravelry and Instagram ANNNND The Knitting Dish Podcast!

2) David's Tea!  GLITTER AND GOLD

3)The Canucks....  not just another name for Canadians... also my Hubby's favorite Hockey team!
Some of the team members sporting some amazingly ugly sweaters! image from HERE

4) Phillips Brewing Company ....  WEBSITE HERE
The snowcase advent calendar! GENIUS.

5) #AVAKITTY  ..... go look it up on Instagram... you will not be disappointed by her extreme cuteness!

6) Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook have a new book! (that rhymed) JOURNEY
     make Jane's amazing socks CLIMB

7) Sarahhepworth on Instagram shared this about amazing socks with me:
    - Mystery Sock Club 2014.... It's gonna happen. OH YES
Kimberly who is the Sock Bunny from Sock Bunny Knit and Fit podcast... SO CUTE!

8) SUSAN B. ANDERSON.... I love your face!
Her Vanilla Socks recipe is HERE
So this is S.B.A.'s sock drawer... get what I mean by SOCKSPIRATION now?!?

9) The Watermelon Sock yarn is from THIS ETSY SHOP. love

10) HOMESPUN the podcast done by the lovely Molly and Clare!  They are also adding to my sock fever at the moment!

11) AMY BETH from The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast....  I lurv her... and not in a creepy way I swear.

12) Julianna's Fibre on Etsy ... she makes adorable sock yarn like Under the Mistletoe and Star's Hollow.
This is the Under the Mistletoe.... yum

13) GAIL!   otherwise known as Cotton Tail... as well as the Knockturnal Knitter makes amazing crests, keychains, project bags... you name it!
 This little Cardinal shall be my next purchase! FOUND HERE

14) and last but not least the DELIGHTFUL MELISSA of Singlehandedknits!

Thanks for stopping by my dear friends!  Hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy watching!  

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  1. Loved this podcast Grace! Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas memories, and for sacrificing a couple of your ornaments for our benefit. ;) Gilmore Girls rocks, and I can't wait for you to get over your sock hump. You will get there! xoxo