Thursday, December 19, 2013



helloooooooooo... yes I am alive!!!   I have just been fighting with my internets!...or interwebs... also known as evil things that I love and hate SO MUCH!

This is a beautiful illustration by Cristina Barsony

I HAVE SOCKS ON MY BRAIN... so many socks on my brain... I just want to knit SOCKS!

So here is my post about all the things I am drooling about right now.

Harajuku yarn by Quaere on Etsy

Tropical storm by Em from EVERYTHING OLD on Etsy

Tallulah yarn by STRAY CAT YARNS on Etsy

Sun Also Rises from TOILANDTROUBLE on Etsy

GYNX YARN in Bunny Stripe sold HERE right now

SUNNYSIDEELLEN yarn in the Mod colorway... AWESOME

Buddy the Elf!  from SPINNINGFATES on Etsy

annnnd DUMBLEDORE YARN!  from Knitcorebuffalo on Etsy

OH MY WORD... do you see where I'm going here??  SO MANY SOCKS... so many possibilities!

JuniperGraceTube 3 should be here tomorrow!

Thank you for your patience and in the mean time HAVE FUN dreaming of socks


  1. ooooo, those are all beeeeUtiful sock yarns!!! i love them all! can't wait to see episode 3!!!!

  2. Thanks for the sock yarn shout-out for the Velveteen stripey sock yarn!! You've also seriously enabled me with all the OTHER sock yarn ... erhm, thank you?! I think?!!!