Saturday, January 25, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 5 .... SOCKCESS!

Darling Junipers!  We have made it to a full hand worth of fingers counting podcast episodes!!!!

Did that make sense?
It made sense when I thought of typing it....  just think about it.

I'm so glad you've come to join me today!

and let's get rolling!

Le show notes:

1- Story time provided by MATILDA'S CAT- Emily Gravett

2- Check out MichelleOwls on Instagram to see the give away prize... find her on Ravelry too!

3- ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by L.M. Montgomery
   "Dear old world' she murmered, 'you are very lovely and I am glad to be alive in you." -Anne Shirley

4- The lovely RAE by the lovely JANE RICHMOND

5- Sweet Georgia... Tough love sock yarn in the Saltwater Colourway

6- The most wonderful Wedding photographers a girl could ask for THE NICKERSONS

7- MISOCRAFTYKNITS!  I love Melissa and her fantastic MASON JAR COZY PATTERN.

8- By Annie Claire... super awesome yarn.. sometimes dyed with coffee!

9- USA Olympic sweater.... LOOK AT THIS THING!

10- Homespun podcast by the lovely Molly ... check out her Etsy shop!

11- Bella's Mittens.....  I love these!   9642 projects on Ravelry... Say whaaaaat?

--- Special super short give away on the Ravelry group!... CHECK IT OUT---- closing Jan 28, 2014


- FOLLOW YOUR ARROW KAL by Ysolda Teague
     - Knit in We will tell you all our secrets... Merino fingering weight dyed with Lavender AND Swan's Island Fingering orange seconds from Maine.

- MY VICTORY SOCKS!   Pattern by Susan B Anderson  with mystery  Regia yarn that I need to find the ball band for.

13- Mail from Lori Times Five... she is so LOVELY check out HER BLOG and RAVELRY

THANK YOU for joining us here today1  Happy weekend to you!


  1. Hi Grace!

    As always thanks for sharing a little bit with us! I took a peek at your wedding album... it looked beautiful and thoughtful and special and magical!

  2. Loved your coffee cozy and immediately got the pattern! Mason jars are a staple and I had to have the cute insert! Another great episode I enjoyed this snowy Saturday nite with my Matilda (Annie)!!

  3. You know that might be me hitting your blog page about 200 times a day, checking for the release of the next podcast! Hahaha.
    My oldest daughter went to Hawaii for New Year's and she brought back the same Starbucks mug that you showed last week! It makes me think of you and of Mel!
    I am now halfway finished with my Rae shawl, I love the colors. The yarn was a destash from one of my Knit Night friends.
    I too am going to be in class with you, Inky also! I am horrible about understanding what my swatches can tell me, so I hope Mel's class will assist me with that part of the knitting!
    Anyhoo, I miss your face, I love all of your meandering stories and hope you continue to have fun podcasting! hugs from Bawston!

  4. Hello Grace,
    I have enjoyed each of your handful and never NEVER commented. So sorry...we (my family) has a blog also and we would SO enjoy comments and so I should have understood. My name is Ana and I live in Florida USA with my husband and 13 children! Yay! I really have 14 children but oldest son is married to my beautiful DIL and I have a new grandson. I am a knitter and I homeschool my 5 youngest too. You have inspired me to try knitting socks. I've knitted for years but never SOCKS! I'm halfway through my very first one and I love it so much. I'm stopping at the ankle though as here in Florida....anklets and footies are way more practical. Your postcard gift gave me an should request postcards from all of your listeners!! What a collection! I would send one for sure....something representative of our states or cities...or whatever. You would like that wouldn't you? Love, Ana

  5. Love your show and the pj vibe going on! As for the team USA sweater designed by Ralph Lauren, I think as a knitter you would appreciate it's back story. From the family sheep farm in Oregon, to mills in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and final assembly in California, it was totally created and sourced in the USA. There is a great video on the production of the sweater out there I recommend. ( Can't find the link but you can search for it.) And yes, on first glance, it seems over the top and will be ridiculed as a Cosby/Ugly sweater widely. But I think the design reflects all the flag elements proudly, and is meant to be recognized immediately as something uniquely from the USA. Corny maybe, but I like the patchwork and the hand stitching throughout which for me harkens back to earlier times, when clothing didn't come from a store.
    And Grace, I keep my twilight books next to my HP books too!

  6. Thanks for keeping me company while I steam blocked my fair isle sweater in panic mode. It was salvageable, but what a scare! Glad you think like me on the US sweaters. What will ours look like?

  7. Oh my dear Grace, you are the sweetest. Loved watching this week's podcast. I felt like we were at a slumber party with the quiet voice, loved it. Your gift to me was super awesome loved all of the details you put into it. I keep forgetting to post it in our group so thanks for telling everyone to find it on Instagram.

    I, too, have all of the Twilight books, but they aren't next to my HP books, my Lord of the Rings books are.
    At first glance, I really didn't like the USA sweater, but the more I see it the more it's growing on me. Still determining if I want to participate in this years ravellenics. More than likely I will just knit what I'm knitting on at the time.

    Love your podcast and you,

  8. Hi Honey,
    I love you to bits....and I miss you muchly...I'm so glad you post these podcasts 'cause it's almost as good as meeting you for a coffee. It's busy here in Arizona..sunny and hot in the day and cool at night..typical desert weather. I've been painting again....watercolor. I have a lot to show you when I get home.
    Take good care of yourself and give Joel and Ava a big hug for me.
    lots of love,

  9. Hi Grace
    Knitting on my socks and drinking tea as I watch your podcast. Love your sock. If I wasn't on a yarn diet I would be hunting some of that stripey loveliness down!
    Best Wishes
    Sarah x
    (rav id: sehepworth, instagram: sarahhepworth)

  10. Hi Grace! Love your podcast! You always make me smile!
    Thank you so much for helping me finish my very colorful Regia socks today while watching your podcast! Forgot my tea though. Got all caught up in my knitting and your podcast. But I guess iced tea will work, even in winter… (I live in Norway and we got like 20 inches of snow right now…)

    Btw, I love love love Harry Potter!!!! And I am always excited to find other grown-ups that loves the books as much as me <3

    Lena (aka FrkBadegakk on Ravelry and instagram)

  11. I am home sick and its a cold dreary grey morning here and yet you brightened my day. I couldn't of asked for a better way to spend my morning then watching your podcast ,drinking a cup of peppermint tea and knitting :)
    Stacy ( aka yellowbirdknits on Rav)

  12. Hello! Thanks for the lovely podcast episode :) I actually just discovered your podcast!!

  13. finally getting a chance to catch up with you! we've had some snow here in north carolina...about 9in which is so abnormal for us. of course, everything shuts down and what a better way to be snowed in than with knitting and my favorite podcasts! i enjoy your podcast so much and feel like we are sitting just having a conversation...completely one-sided of course since i never talk back ;) i do...but you cant hear me.... i am a twilight fan too and have been looking at knitting bella's mittens for a while now....maybe now is the time to do that. i have also been eyeing the mystery kal that ysolda is doing...i'm not the best at kals and i am extremely skeptical when it comes to mystery kals BUT ive been glancing for some yarn here and there and im thinking it will be something i cast on in the near future. thanks so for sitting with us!
    Kristen aka mamaholmes on rav