Friday, February 7, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 6 : Thumbs Up for JuniperGraceTube!

Good morning my darling Junipers!
I'm so glad you could come and join me for the latest installment of my happy little podcast!

Today we will be chatting about how Grace couldn't remember when the Olympics started, a shout out to my amazing Mumsy and her dear friend Irene, and official video evidence of SOCKCESS!  My first complete pair of socks is done! HUZZAH!

So grab yourself a delicious warm beverage (there is actually snow on the ground here on Vancouver Island! eep!) ... grab some knitting... and let's jump in :D

The Most wonderful show notes!

1)  'Mushaboom'  by Feist

2) Today I am wearing my GRACE Cardigan by JANE RICHMOND!
      We also talk about her newest pattern the LINDEN MITTS ....   stop by my Ravelry group and      
      enter in the prize draw!


4) Wanna send me a post card for my wall??   Send me a message on Ravelry and I will give you my address!

     - Friendship Fetish February fun.
             - Planning to knit the STITCH SURFER SOCKS 

6) Febraury sock yarn:  Opal Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers colourway.

7) Currently reading WILDWOOD

8) COFFEEE! bag by the lovely Gail of Knockturnal Knitter

Hope you had fun... got lots of knitting done... and are ready to take on whatever life throws at you today!  HAPPY FRIDAY!



  1. Wow!!! Great Song!!! Love your voice! You are awesome!!!!!

  2. Hi Grace

    LOVE your socks! I knit a Sockhead hat with some of the Van Gogh yarn. Mine was the Café-Terrasse Am Abend colourway which is blues and yellows.

    I drank tea and knit on a baby cardigan whilst watching today. The pattern I'm using is Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss and I'm knitting it in some purple yarn.

    Hope your day is awesome

    Sarah (rav id: sehepworth, instagram: sarahhepworth)

  3. Sweet Juniper Grace... haven't even watch all of the Above episode yet but i had pause and say I love your Voice (i am very picky about that kinda thing- sensitive ears) i am hoping you know 123 by feist song I think My little one would love that one! IT IS UPBEAT LIKE YOU ARE so thought that would be fun ( if not its cool) just thought i would ask! BRAVA on the podcast so far!
    TRU aka Trudolly on RAV.

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