Sunday, May 18, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 11 : Cowichan Sweaters and Writing Letters

Welcome back my darling Junipers!  So good to see you!  Hello! Hello!
How has  your May been?  Have you had much sunshine and birdsong?   Spring is in full effect over here on my Island.... in fact, it's threatening to become summer a bit too soon for my liking.   Normally I am a die-hard Fall person... but something about living on Vancouver Island has won me over to Spring!  Crisp fresh air, the scent of trees in bloom, and the birds singing!  Just incredible!

I'm so glad you have come to join me once again :)  Today we are going to talk about my dreams for a Cowichan Sweater by September, Robert Munsch, and the Letter Writer's Alliance.

Grab a delicious beverage and your knitting and let's dive right in!


         -The winners for the mini Munsch giveaway have been determined and I think I might like to do this type of thing again!  Our lucky winners are Someryarns and Knutmegknits on Ravelry!

2) The lovely yarn I was gifted was:
  - Knitting Notions -Misty Mountain Hops  - from Christina of A Knitter's Life (adorable blog!)
 - Wollmeise - From the most wonderful Julia! THANK YOU!

3) I am a proud member of the Letter Writer's Alliance!   Check it out... join in the fun!

4) #CAMP ALOHA FRIENDS!  It's coming!!  I'm going to be an instructor and I'm so thrilled!
        STARTING JUNE 15 ... I CAN'T WAIT!

5) My First KAL :  HANA HOU by the amazing MSKIKNITS
   - I will be knitting my sweater in SPACECADET CREATIONS YARNLyra in the How Dare You colourway.  BEAUTIFUL!
   -Come join in the fun on my Ravelry group!  WE HAVE PRIZES!!
   - Susan from the amazing GIRLCAVE BAGS has been so generous!

I borrowed the book "Working With Wool" by Sylvia Olsen  from the library. It's a fascinating history of the Cowichan sweater totally worth a read and it will tell you a little more about where I first lived when I moved to Vancouver Island, in the Cowichan Valley.

7) SOCKCESS!  I have finished my Hedwig socks!  Using my Opal yarn in the Hedwig colourway and Susan B. Anderson's 'How I Make My Socks' with a few number tweaks.
That makes it 3 pairs of socks for the drawer! WOOT!

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