Wednesday, May 28, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 12 : Cosmic Love

Hello my darling Junipers!   Welcome to the 12th Episode of my happy little podcast from Vancouver Island!

This week has been full of adventure and fun and I can't wait to have you come and join me for a chat!   Grab a delicious beverage and your knitting or craft of choice and let's dive in!


1)  'Cosmic Love' by Florence and the Machine LOVELOVELOVE

2) Are you as in love with fake tattoos as I am?   TATTLY.COM is the bombdiggity.
     You can also follow them on Instagram @Tattly

3) Smoking Lily is the adorable local boutique where I found my lovely tattlys :)

 look how teeny it is!

4)  My Letter Writing Love is definitely fueled and encouraged by the Letter Writer's Alliance :)

5) If you want to send me a postcard for the wall just send me a message on Ravelry! (junipergrace)

6) CAMP ALOHA FRIENDS IS COMING!  Hosted/coordinated/ lovingly dreamed up by MEL of the Single handed knits podcast 

7) HANA HOU KAL  ... my first ever Knit Along!   This KAL will go til July 1st.  Jump in and join the fun!
    WE HAVE PRIZES  supplied by the lovely
                                      and the yarn that I am using Space Cadet Creations in the Lyra 'How Dare You' colourway :)  Stephanie is giving us a mini skein bundle!

8)What I am currently working on:
      Hogwarts Express by Susan Ashcroft
      Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder

9) What I'm watching :  The Big Year with Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson.

10) Y'all wanna follow my best friend on Instagram @F.ASINFRANK

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I have been up to!  You are the best Junipers a girl could ask for!   TTFN



  2. i love it the most when you sing.... what a sweet episode.
    susan b anderson
    p.s. see you in maine:)

  3. Please show us how you wind your yarn "cakes"! They look like they've been done on a swift!