Wednesday, November 5, 2014

JuniperGraceTube 19 :Knit City annnnd MASSIVE procrastination problems.



Seriously Junipers WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!??! BLARGGGghghghgh   That's the sound my internal motivation is making.   I feel like I want to just write an entire blog post about Intrinsic verses Extrinsic motivation and how I seem to be failing at BOTH.

Ever since I got the wisdom teeth removed and I had a wicked excuse to lay around all day eating pudding and watching movies I've had a hard time coming back to reality.  


Let's just get to Episode 19 already!!!  Right? RIGHT!
Grab yourself a delicious beverage and something crafty to work on and let's launch in!  This week we are going to read TWO CHAPTERS of our Anne girl!   


1) FIRST OFF  I want to encourage you all to come and join in on the fun in the JuniperGraceTube Ravelry Group
This is where you will find all the fun stuff that's happening in JuniperGrace Land!   

2)  This week I read TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS of 'Anne of Green Gables'  #AnneAlong 
     We read Chapter 5: Anne's History and Chapter 6: Marilla Makes Up Her Mind.
*Spoiler Alert* She gets to stay at Green Gables!   And there was much rejoicing!  


3) Don't forget to join in all the fun with the #AnneAlong with the lovely Annielight on Ravelry.

4) I was wearing the STRIPE STUDY SHAWL by Veera Valimaki   Knit in Lion Brand Sock Ease.
5) M-A-I-L LOVE!
    - Hey Lady Hey handspun yarn in 'It's So Fluffy' and 'Grey Day'
    - Lollipop Yarns in YARN BOMB


6)  Make sure to follow my amazing mumsy on Instagram and Ravelry @MoiraPaints she needs some encouragement to post more often!

7) So we picked up and went on an Adventure Oct. 4+5 to Vancouver for KNIT CITY!!! 
   It was fantastic!  I had the chance to help Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook at their booth for all of Saturday and a small part of Sunday.   
   - They have just launched their newest mini-collection called SEASONLESS!  It's absolutely beautiful!  I'm very eager to knit the Laylow Shawl.

8) THERE IS A FUN GIVE AWAY ON THE RAVELRY GROUP!  Come show me one of your favourite knit garments in the prize thread and enter to win one of two sets of tattoos and pins that were generously donated by Caterpillar Green Yarns and Sweet Georgia.

9) I want to give a huge THANK YOU shout out to Casey from PORTFIBER in Portland Maine!!!  There are not enough exclamation points in the world!    She is a pretty amazing person with a passion for fiber arts that shows through the things she makes and sells! 

Back to Knit City....
Here's a big list of Vendors that I got to see and buy things from:
VEGAN YARNS - Beautiful Vegan Cashmere to spin I LOVE HEIDI!
RAIN CITY KNITS- Gorgeous colourful skeins to give away AND keep.
TIPSY SHEEP- Sock yarn in the White Russian colourway ;)
SPINCYCLE YARNS- Amazing dyed in the wool yarn and fiber to spin.
FARMABLE FIBERS - Raw Hemp from Romania
SWEET GEORGIA - A lovely skein of Tough Love Sock Wool to send to Norway
ANCIENT ARTS FIBER - Knit City 2014 colourway to spin this time :)
KATIKLOO - Knit City 2013's colourway that I didn't grab last year
THE RED FOX AND GOWN - The 'They Don't Love You Like I Do' Shawl pattern for my Rain City yarn
TWIG PRINTS - incredible Lavender sachets.


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