Friday, April 3, 2015

JuniperGraceTube 22 : Busy Becoming Awesome!

Welcome back my DARLING JUNIPERS!  

Nope, I was not attempting to April Fool's you all.....   one word: TECHNOLOGY... actually add to that FAIL.  I think you are picking up what I'm putting down :)

A lot has been happening around these here parts and I'm super excited to share all of the fun with you!   Although my fridge has decided to up it's noise-game, I'm sure we will have a whole pile of fun!
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So grab your delicious beverage of choice and any craft you are working on.... HERE WE GO:

# TheShowNotes

Story Time With Juniper Grace:
'Anne of Green Gables' - L.M. Montgomery   Chapter 9 "Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified"

What I'm wearing:   The STRIPE STUDY SHAWL by Veera Valamaki  knit out of Lion Brand Sock ease yarn.

List Making with Juniper Grace:

APRIL is National Letter Writing Month!!  OHMYGOODNESS!!!! (all the happy feelings)
That means that we need to make an effort to spread the M-A-I-L love around!  I've created a special chat thread in our JuniperGraceTube Ravelry group for anyone interested in sending some mail :)
I am a proud member of the Letter Writers Alliance YOU SHOULD JOIN US! #JuniperLetters

#J1KAL is in full swing!  In fact it's getting close to being done... already... sigh. (April 15)  The First Annual Juniper Knit Along consists of anyone who wants to join along and knit something from MY QUEUE on Ravelry!    Post a picture in the thread on Ravelry AND share what you're up to on Twitter and Instagram using our really awesome hashtag!
So far I have achieve SOCKCESS with a completed pair of purple A WEE BIT KNITTY MYSTERY KAL SOCKS by the lovely Lena Gjerald aka Frkbadegakk. 

I also have a shout out to the amazing SUSAN aka Rista1313 and her Project bags that she makes!  GIRL CAVE BAGS are just so awesome!   I recently acquired a sweater sized project bag and am SO THRILLED!

 Adventures in Juniper Grace Land :

I have recently been doing a lot of awesome artsy fartsy things including becoming an Associate of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria!  It comes with a name tag and an awesome opportunity to give back to this community that I love :)

MARLIES came to visit me... bearing wonderful gifts...  wow it was so great to see you THANK YOU for making time for me! 

I also had the chance to stop by SaltSpring Island and visit my favourite yarn shop there ELDERBERRY YARNS.  I picked up a skein of sparkly ANCIENT ARTS YARN in the She Sells Sea Shells colourway.   I have plans to knit matching MUK CUFFS by Jana Huck for my bestie and I.

I've also fallen completely in love with Water colour painting.  CREATIVEBUG has an excellent Intro to Water Colour Painting class right now taught by Yao Cheng.  


Currently on my needles I have :
- CANOPY by the amazing Melody of Mandarine's knit in Mountain Top by Classic Elite Yarns Crestone.

- SANDHILLS LACE SHAWL by Melissa Stajda aka Heyladyhey.

- HEXI PUFFS for my 'The Bee Keeper's Quilt' by Tiny Owl Knits

- Awesome Neon socks from RAIN CITY KNITS yarn using my all-time favorite sock pattern 'How I Make My Socks' by Susan B. Anderson.

- CAMILLA SHAWL by Carrie Bostick Hoge knit from the amazing gift of Sweet Georgia Worsted in the Orchid colourway from my Hubby.

Needle Adjacent: 
- SHOE CANDY by Leah Oakly.

 (image courtesy of lupineblossoms)

- LONDON FOG by Bristol Ivy.

I guess that's it for now :)  
I send you my love and hugs and happy sheepy thoughts across the miles!

xoxo Juniper Grace

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  1. i absolutely love the accesories for winter. i am already thinking about hoarding for, winter is coming! and i love anne of the green gables book and your review on the show seems promising