Monday, February 2, 2015

JuniperGraceTube 21 : Happy Podiversary!

My darling Junipers!  HELLOOOOooooOOOoooo

Oh how I have missed you!  I'm so happy to be back that I even brought you a bouquet of Juniper.

(Image courtesy of Local Flavor Magazine)

I know that it has been quite some time since we have had a good chance to visit so I have SO MUCH TO SHARE!  
Grab yourself a delicious beverage and whatever crafty-fun thing you are working on and let's dive right in shall we?


List Making with Juniper Grace:
 1) The beautiful Louise of Caithness Craft Collective creates these incredible Tartan project bags!!  Check her out!  She actually has some LOVELY bags for sale in her ETSY SHOP right now.

2) Thank you Marlies for your sweet gifts to me from across the world!  She sent me a skein of Cheeky Merino Joy in the King Ludwig Blue colour way from Rosy Green Wool.

In honor of the anniversary of our first year together with JuniperGraceTube we will be having our FIRST ANNUAL JUNIPER KNIT ALONG!  HOORAY! HUZZAH!

When: Feb 14 - Apr 14 2015
What:  #J1KAL use this hashtag to join in the fun!
Who: any member of Junipergracetube on Ravelry
How: Knit anything you like from MY QUEUE on ravelry!  Share the fun and enter to win some lovely prizes like this beautiful skein of wool from Daybreak Dyeworks check her out on ETSY too!

* If you want to contribute to the prizes feel free to let me know *

Story Time with Juniper Grace:

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery Chapter 8 : 'Anne's Bringing up is Begun'


EVERYDAY ROCKSTAR toque pattern by the lovely PIA aka Noget Uldent 

SANDHILLS LACE SHAWL by Hey-Lady-Hey... soooo lovely! 

 SHOE CANDY socks by Leah Oakly.   I am going to attempt to knit this from my RAIN CITY KNITS Graffiti yarn :)

 (I borrowed this picture from the lovely LupineBlossoms )

I also strongly suggest you check out RAWR.POUNCE.KNITS! The lovely Maeve is on the verge of putting out some beautiful new mitten and toque patterns!  I encourage you to get in on the ground level.  


 Just look at this simple and gorgeous BECCA TOQUE by Hannah Shin.

This is one shawl that I'm dying to knit!  CANOPY by the lovely Melody of Mandarine's

 (I'm practically vibrating with excitement over the release of this... hurry hurry!)

 In the mean-time I will content myself with working on this lovely WATER'S EDGE by Cabinfour

I'm knitting this shawl with my AMAZING self striping shawl yarn from CATERPILLAR GREEN YARNS which is a local-as-you-get yarn company I'm completely obsessed with!  MCN to drool over....

Finally: I am almost done these gorgeous Canadiana socks from FISHKNITS yarn and my all time go-to sock pattern by the talented SUSAN B. ANDERSON

I think we did it!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Stop by and say hello on the Ravelry Group ANNNNND KEEP KNITTING!

I love you my little Junipers!


  1. PLEASE would you tell what needles you're using on those Canadiana socks? The cord looks lovely and flexible....I need new sock circs!!

    1. I believe I used size 2.25mm, 41" circular addi turbo sock rockets :)